Further to X-server crashes when Rendering in Blender


I recently discovered that my work-around of not closing the Blender Render window to avoid crashing doesn’t work at all. It seems to work but it was only temporary.

Sorry if i misled anyone; i thought i knew what i was doing but i was wrong.

FYI had used OpenSUSE 11.0 + KDE4.0 + compiz-fusion. I then re-installed the os wihout enabling xgl / /compiz and just using KDE 3.5.9 which proved very stable, if boring. :\

One thing somebody here might like to inform me, when i set-up compiz initially i had to run a command called: “xgl-switch”. This is the full command line: “xgl-switch --enable-xgl”. I noticed this switched my window manager to more sluggish XGL one when i rebooted and this is what you need to run compiz. If you run ‘simple-ccsm’ to enable compiz it complains xgl is not enabled. Now i don’t know but suspect that this xgl is a far from well done add-on by the KDE people (or is that openSUSE team? sorry i haven’t got a clue…!) and i know that this takes over all thel normal screen drawing on the system so i suspect this might be what’s causing Blender to crash.

Also i’ve noticed that on Ubuntu 8.04 with compiz everything works flawless, even on the renders that were giving me problems, even on the computer that was crashing, and even on another computer with Ubuntu 8.04 and compiz AND some pretty graphically-instense window effects.

Just my $0.02’s worth.