Fury: 3rd person adventure/RPG

So I modeled a mercenary/knight guy and textured him (and rigged…:D)
His name is fury
I plan on using him in a new game (which I do plan on finishing…for once:evilgrin:), but perhaps I will release him to the public. When I make progress, I will post it in this thread.
178 polys (I set a 200 poly limit)
256x256 texture
C&C Welcome


Looks great!
Specially for the poly count :slight_smile: Well done!

Is that 256x256 texture? or textures?

which I do plan on finishing…for once:evilgrin:
That’s what I say every time I start a project. So far 0 complete :slight_smile: . Hopefully,unlike myself, you’ll stick with it! Great work by the way!

@Matt: you gave your project up? I think CoL is one of my longest lasting projects. Actually superville lasted a while. I finished a ton of mini-games in the past though.

Not, huchra’s lens, but about 1000 others…

That looks great for the poly count, but… I think a 256 can do better than that.

Thanks guys, and yah, it’s one 256x256 for the guy, and the weapons are seperate 128’s.

@Rozzy - yah, texturing is one of my weak points, I attached a map so you guys can see it though.:o

Oh yah and the surcoat colors are interchangable. Maybe for a player color customizer or something. I’m going for N64ish graphics

Anyway, thanks and here are some more pics:

Damn, school server blocked your images. I’ll have to check it when I get home. But I think this belongs in the resources section.

Well, this is going to be the game thread. hence it’s in the WIP section

I really like the simple style and think its good the way it is.

More screenshots
Player can now run forward, walk backward, idle, pick up and throw crates, and run up (and down) stairs (I love the ray sensor). The camera script basically finds the position of the cursor in relation to the viewport and then rotates the “player” accordingly. The camera is slow-parented to the “player” which gives a nice effect.
Progress us moving smoothly now, though.

Well, that’s all for now


PS, I made varsity Cross Country with a 21:48 5K time:D

The game looks great! When can we see a demo? GJ on varsity! I got soccer starting on monday =D. I wonder what team I’m gonna make. The varsity coach is a Biotch though, so I’m almost hoping for JV.

Thanks man! I checked out your desideratum demo, looks very promising, combat system looks great!

What version are you using? the pic’s on the header bar look new, or at least 15606 style, only orange?

yeah how did you get the skin like that dude!

It’s an icon set. Just put the file in .blender\icons (if the folder doesn’t exist, then create one)
Here’s the set (I didn’t make it, but it was here on BA)
Then, in user prefs, go to “Themes”, “UI and Buttons”, and in the Drop Down “Icon File”

But I’m just using regular 2.46 until a fairly stable release comes out.

sweet! new icons make a new blender for me!! can this be edited without loosing any formating? That would be sweeter!
sorry for de-railing your thread, at least it won’t sink to the bottom for a while!

I like the simple style.In a way i am like Matt_Goles.After my computer crashed i just cant find the inspiration to make another game.I was making a game before and I put alot of time into it.All that went down the drain.Now, i make games and cant bother to finish them.Thats the reason i dont post WIPs on this forum.

The links dont work…on this page…? is it just me?