Fusion 360

Hi, so I would like to do some stuff in Fusion 360 and some stuff in Blender. Two questions:
I this a bad idea in the first place?
When importing a surface from Fusion 360 (fbx export)) I get a strange shadow artefact. See picture. Can I fix this? The surface looks perfect with a solid red shiny matcap.

If there any chance you’ll need to modify the nurbs surface in Fusion360 based on changing the shape or details mesh in Blender, you will definitely want to avoid this workflow. You’ll be doubling your work.

Its my understanding the topology you receive from fusion360 is going to be a pretty big mess, but theres no reason you can’t clean it up or retopologize.

Hmmm, ok. I think I’ll stay in Blender then. Too bad, some stuff is really a lot easier to do in Fusion 360

If it is a mesh in Blender, could you use “Shade smooth” to make the shadow look more continuous?

What you see is an artefact called “shadow terminator”. This is a commen raytracing problem, “shade smooth” won’t help with this problem.
There are two ways to fix it: Bigger light source (gives softer shadows) and higher export resolution from Fusion360.

Importing models from Fusion360 works good for hard-surface objects. But the geometry is not intended to be deformed or subdivided.

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I can’t set the resolution in fusion 360. But if I manage to export in better resolution I guess I will have a hard time uv unwrapping it later.

Doesn’t help

It’s called “Refinement” in Fusion360. But your right, UV unwrapping can get nasty. Best way is to fix it with the lighting.

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