Futon (Sub-project of a scene)

Well I’m pretty happy with my futon now as I have it, it’s going to be part of a larger scene so I figured I’d put in as WIP. Dispite the time I’ve been using blender, this is my first finished project (well sub-project), and I think it came out rather well. Not looking for photo-realism here or anything. I’m happy with something recognizable :wink: in anycase, here it is:


It looks reasonable, I think the imprints on the cushions should be more rounded and smooth. At the moment it looks like a piece of plasticine with finger prints all over it.

Keep working on the cushions.

Yeah the cushions aren’t as good as they should be, but after a problem I had with them last night I didn’t have much patience for them. And it’s my own fault. I had finished to cushions to what I had wanted and then wanted to fix the wood texture some and loaded a different project that I had good wood texture on, unfortunately I didn’t save before doing that and lost all the work I did on the cushion in the first place. I may go back and fix it up again after work.

Textures need work, the seat looks solid with dents in it, make it look more…well…like a cushion

Any suggestions on what can help make it more like a cushion?

scrap the dents, round it around the edges, turn up spec. and ditch the stripes. And maybe use a cloud texture to make it look a little woven.

Actaully, I’m not entirely sure where the strips came from, other than the fact that they seemed to occur after I used a Stucci texture on it… And they weren’t displayed in the preview plane for the materials.

I’m also using a slight cloud texture at the moment which isn’t too defined, but just subtle enough to be picked out if trying hard.