Futurama Bender

This is my first model, besides logos, one car, and other exercises done to learn this cool 3d program, its Bender from Futurama, he has an easy geometry that could let me try UV Mapping for the first time, so here’s the render… I accept any kind of suggestion and comments :smiley:

Futurama Bender


very nice work. :smiley: for some reason his mouth looks strange…I think there’s a space between the top of his mouth and his “eyes”…

Thank you for your repky, Timmah_45, I think that his mouth looks weird because of the camera position, here’s another screen of a different angle:


I think his ‘upper lip’ :slight_smile: is too narrow - the space between his mouth and eyes should be bigger. But it’s a good model. I hope you will model the rest of the crew now ;).

Thank you! I’m working on that mouth issue, also there are some faces that look some what messed in his “lips”, here’s a close up:


I tried to fix it with recal normals, but it didn’t work, any suggestion?

you shouldn’t have used shift+f

you’d need to show us the wireframe for us to point out the exact spots, but essentially the problem is the tupology created when you cut out that region for his mouth

if you aren’t using subsurfs you can often get away with doing an alt+f after a shift+f to re-arange the faces better.

subsurfs “kink” with triangles

well that’s the result I got after doing a boolean operation to cut the hole of the mouth from the original cilinder, it seems tha the boolean left those trianges after cutting.

here’s the wire:


Yeah - Booleans suck.

I’ve never had much success with them myself.

Like the model by the way. Looking forward to seeing a cast photo of all the characters.


thank you for the comments guys :smiley: , and yeah, booleans aren’t as accurate as I would like, hope they get better in new releases.

well, I fixed that mouth problem,corrected some other things and messed with the lights a little bit, and used paint shop pro to sharpen up the image a little.


Excellent! Very nice for a first (or 20th) model.
I like to see you using the Toon or Ramp shading. It should look like a whole lot like the cartoon Bender