Futurama Characters

Well long time without posting anything… So here is my last model, the senile and hilarious great (×30) nephew, the Professor Farnsworth. :yes:
Is a low poly character, modeled, sculpt, textured and render in Blender.
So here are some views:

Very nice. It feels like he is a little bit too low polly though. unless this is for like an iphone game or something…

Thanks man! :slight_smile: Yes is very very low poly, I think I could do it more low poly, for on-line games or I-pad, and with the camera a little far from the character

Nice! Im a big fan of Futurama :smiley: You should model Fry and Bender too! Better yet… do all the characters xD
Well, maybe that’s a bit too much but it would be fun.

Yeah I agree he is quite low poly but I guess if the camera will be far away enough it should look alright. Just curious, is this character going to be used in an game on the app store?

Yes man! I’ll do more of them! Hope all, or at least the most important ones…
You will see something like that, I hope, but shhh :wink:

don’t worry I won’t say a word :wink: