Futurama is BACK!

Futurama is back! It was renewed by Comedy Central.
26 new episodes to premiere mid 2010


How about a Blender Bender splash screen for Blender 2.5?
Or an easter egg :wink:
Or at least a Futurama modelling contest :slight_smile:



Yes! About time too!

+1 for more Futurama.

“Go Bender, go Bender…”

Great news! Thanks for sharing!

Hopefully they will get back to their old form after the movies. While the first, after getting past the first five minutes of fanservice, and especially the second were great, the last two lacked humor (IMO of course). It seems the writers are better with 22-minute episodes than full-length movies.

My fellow Earthicans, jump up and clap appendages with glee! :slight_smile:

Long live HypnoToad!

All hail hypno toad.
all power to the engines.
I call it a fry hole.
Well kiss my shiny metal…Hella luya!

Good news everyone! we’re all gonna die!