futurama robot wip

Yeah so I wanted to model “bender” from futurama but figured he’d been modelled many times before. Instead I decided to model the below.

It’s a WIP and as always any c & c are welcome to help me improve.:stuck_out_tongue: I hope to eventually rig this.


cool! that is really nice!

Thanx, here’s a quick update, used Ambient Occlusion.


Wow, Nice stuff :smiley:

Cool, he’s looking good, he looks a little more orange in the picture though. Can’t wait to see him rigged.

p.s. why post screenshots of the render instead of the render?

F3 = save image :slight_smile:


Yes he is more orange in the actual picture, so I changed the colour and have added hands. I need to improve the teeth.

F3 = save

…another blender hotkey to add to the list :slight_smile:


Another update…


A quick indigo render…:yes:


And one more quick render… After this I wanna add a gun and then starting rigging. I made him more orange as suggested by smelz. What do you think…

Nice model keep going.
If you wanna be truthful to the character add a knife :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ll add a knife. Good idea!

Hmm, it seems the tutorial I was looking at before for rigging was inadequate. I’ve found something interesting with regards to weight painting so I’ll go with that.


Looks very good, but I noticed one thing…
The eyebrows and the black stripe between the eyes are seperate in the original (the eyebrows are a bit higher), while in your model they are connected perfectly smooth.

I have marked it in the picture below (taken your first screenshot, because the reference is present there)


You have a point but I think the reference image I was using, for the eyes at least, was flawed.

See actual 2d picture below:


From that you could say the black circles around my model’s eyes need to be thicker though. Also I’ve realised the topology for the legs are wrong. They should be joined at the sides of the hips as opposed to the bottom. Anyway, keep the c & c coming. Thanx.