Hy! it’s bin a long time since i posted my last blenderwork. Last night i desing smal futuristic city, I use Terragen to generate terrain.
Hope you like it, any sugestions welcome.



Nice concept,

I think it needs some more details here and there, expecially those cubes scattered around are just plain cubes, and the outher ring is a plain smooth ring but, well, not every futuristic city need to be rich in tiny details :slight_smile:


Very nice! But make the ring alittle more smooth, if your computer can handle it (you can for example use Sub-surfs).

I like it.

I always wanted to make a city but Always started off with too much detail and never got far.

I’d make the number 5 a little more faded, and maybe put a big tree in the cupola :smiley:

  1. pofo

very nice! it would be cool if u set up some kind of perimeter, ex: wall, gate, spikes =)… the terrain looks great too, but…terragen =( terragens very powerful i have to say, but its just clicking buttons to get a result, booo…i think its good for bgs, but not if its most of your scene

imgrandpaboy: “but its just clicking buttons to get a result” and what do you think Blender is? There are more buttons to click…but it IS still clicking buttons to get a result. Use whatever method is most effecinet/generates the best result!

Ahh, for the city. It looks more like a small docking station than an entire city. There is really nothing there to tell me if those are a few humungous buildings or just a few smaller ones. Need something to give a sence of scale.

I like the reflection in the little dome thing in the center. No refraction :frowning:

The “5” needs more dirt, maby put it as the first texture layer on that building instead of the last, or just give it the same dirt textures as the building.

Don’t know terragen, haven’t used it. In my opinion any tool is good as long as you keep control of your creation. Generating a more or less random landscape is just as imgrandpaboy said “pushing buttons”.
Like the “make photoreal” button in Blender for example.
As I said I haven’t used Terragen so I don’t know how planned a landscape made with it is. I have used other terraingenerators though and mostly it was just keep pressing the random button 'til I was satisfied, not very artistic :smiley:

  1. pofo