Future Army jeep

I made this jeep a little while ago a put much time in it because a had to show it to a school.

but i want to know what you guys think of it.

i got much more pictures of it
if you wanna see them

just scream:P


Looks more “Makeshift Drag Racer” than “Advanced Military Vehicle” to me.

Also, a clear shot of the entire thing would be nice.

I do quite like the detailing.

The brakes are waaaaaaaay to small for a tire/wheel of that size and the rims seem a bit “ghetto” for a military vehicle, just my opinion. I do have a few suggestions, it looks like off road tires on a indy car, so the drivers view is greatly obstructed. Mabey try beefing up the suspension a bit, and maybe make the front tires a bit thinner, it looks like this thing would have a 100 foot turn radius. Take a look at some pictures of dune buggies/ sand rails to see what the suspension and tire sizes are like. It is a pretty cool looking model, and I love the small details you put into it, like the chain wrapped around the front, and the wires to the lights, and the cages that are on them. I like the ammo bins, but where is the gun that it feeds? Good job though, very original looking concept.

I am working on the gun its not quite finished yet but i have a picture of it

and i think that you are right about the wheels they are a little bit to ghetto but i stil think they look cool :stuck_out_tongue:

but maybe i can tweak them one of these days

but what do you think about the gun?

ummm, I don’t think your picture posted of the gun.

Looks cool and great details. It seems a little light, especially in the front. It doesn’t look like there is much under the front hood. I would expect more frame and support under there. I agree with the tire critiques as well. The low profile tires wouldn’t do very well over rough terrain, I think. Finally, there doesn’t seem like much protection for anyone driving it. What is the purpose of the vehicle? If it is for patrol in hostile territory you may need more shielding around the seats.

While I agree that the wheels look cool, they are very impractical. There is no way to change them in the field. If anything were to happen to one of those wheels the vehicles occupants would be stuck somewhere until help came to rescue them. Also if the jeep is to be and all terrain vehicle the body is sitting way to low. The front grill will snag on anything slightly off the ground before the wheels could lift the body over it. The body looks great though

the front looks a litlle bit light indeed because i dont know what to put in the front because i made the engine in the back and i thought to put the intercooler en the steering mechanism in the front but i dont know anything else to put there