Future car

Future car for a possible Future F1 contest. Critisism would be helpfull.

Just far too simple. I’ve drooled over the last f1 contest and most of those entries are insane with detail and the look of functionality. You need to spend a heck of alot more modelling time to get to that level.

P.s. F1 is racing, not family transportation. I like the idea of a mimi-type racer though, you just need to make it look more purposeful.

Could you make it bigger? cant really see anything with that res.

Can’t see very much… And I have glasses… :-?

I’ve tooken a day or two with out working o the project and now that I come back to it I also realize it doesnt look like a F1 racer :< so if you want just critisize it as if it were a future family car made for all terrain types :wink: and here’s the resized image