Future City Animation (UPDATE)

Hi all,

Here are two renders of a short animation I made. The animation (6mb) isn’t really downloadable yet becouse I have nowhere to upload it to. If anybody knows a place please tell me.

It is far far from finished but here is a sneek-peep. I know it isn’t cool yet, but it will be I think…

City Overview: http://img85.exs.cx/img85/8826/cityWIP01.jpg

Train Station: http://img86.exs.cx/img86/51/cityWIP02.jpg

If anybody knows a place where I can upload my animation to, please reply.

If you have C&C, it is very welcome… (But it is still under construxtion…)

I’d say the train station would look a little better if u used a solid roof instead of that cargo net looking thing.

Good work ! Big courage for the texturing :o

I like the style…

I feel sorry for you when it comes time to texture…perhaps you should just do shades of grey? maybe the future has no color…like our future offspring that come back to visit us that we call aliens…AHHHHHH
They are us!

Looking quality so far. I always think of fututistic city scenes like the visuals in Blade Runner.
I’m certainly very interested what this will turn out like.

Thanks all for the replys, yep, I think the texturing will be a lot of work and I suck in it so it will be a good excercise I think. Perhaps I woun’t make real textures (perhaps some simple stucci or so bumpmaps) and just use appropriete colours.

Here is a new render of the progress I made.
(55691 verts - 51643 faces)

Here is a little lowpoly robot for the animation. I’ll post some more updates of the city itsselve later.

Good work! There is some pretty insane detail in this, like the individual steps in the train station. I can see this turning out really well. I think it will look really cool if it is done at night, with cool lighting and stuff. It’d be a lot of work, but you have already put in a fair bit, wouldn’t it be good to make something awesome out of something with so much potential?

Keep up the good work. I’ll be watching this to see what awesomeness comes out of it.

Here is an update with some new buildings I made
C&C welcome…

i’m so jelouse of your skill. i can’t even spell, let alone generate this type of work.

On those curved buildings you might mant to set then to “smooth” then click the “auto smooth” button

Yep i know, its just a very wip render :smiley: