Future city

I guess its about time I moved this from my WIP thread. So, what are your critiques? Anything helps!

wow much better than before!

great job working on it, only one critique. It seems the rocks in the background are a little bright, add 2 more image textures to them, one a cloud texture set to soft edges then another rocktexture, this will make it look a lot more realistic

Thanks, but I did that multiple times. I guess I will take the brightness down on one of them so that it is more obvious that it is not one texture and so it will not stick out as much. Also I am going to add another light so that the tree does not seem so black.


try adding some multiply, that normally darkens and it also mixes all teh textures, just go down tot he bottom of the texture tab, and in influences change the thing that says MIX to MULTIPLY. This will darken the material.
Then go to the world tab, go to where Ambient Occlusion is, check it ON, then lower its FACTOR value to about 3, then change the type to Multiply instead of ADD, this will increase your render time, but give a much better result :smiley:

Ok i will try ambiant occlusion next time. So far I have been using a very low environment lighting. Here is a small update. I have a lot to do today, so I will work on this sporadically and get stuff done while rendering. Thanks!

Also I assume you mean a factor of .3
I know stuff like this is hard to remember when your not looking at it.

i saw your wip thread, and this is way better.
but yeah, some AO cant hurt.

So I did the AO and added a small sun flare like thing. How do you think it looks now?

You still can’t really tell that the walkway is not a river. You could try adding some bump mapping to it in the shape of tiles or maybe some dirt, that might help make it more obvious what it is supposed to be.

Hi Jonathan,

Have you ever heard of the artist Robert Dean? He used to do “album art” for the band YES back in the 20th century. Your floating planet chunks remind me of some of his stuff. You could try varying the sizes of those chunks, unless of course they are mass produced at a space factory of some sort.

Does this help with the walkway. I did not have much time, so I just added a normal mapped cell noise clouds tex. I will vary the islands when I have more time.

Thanks for all the input so far. Today is the last day, so keep it coming!

I suggest that you reduce the reflectivity in the walkway a little bit and that you work a little more on the grass material. The grass right now just looks like one big green chunk. I would probably add some grass texture to it and maybe add some bump mapping even.

One big chunk? I dont think you can add bump maping to strands. I guess I should contrast the hairs a tad.

the lack of color variation in the grass makes it appear to be a big green chunk, that and the resolution of the image is not good enough to see the strands to begin with, but that is partly because quality is decreased for the internet… Anywayss why isn’t there a bubble thing around the land mass the camera is on??

Oh, I see. I will post a high res later. That should help with the grass. As for the bubble thing, I thought of that but It made it much worse so I decided that the camera is on earth and the floating masses are in the sky. Does that make sense?

yeahh i get thatt, i just wish there was some way to establish that but i can’t think of anything

Here is the high res finally! http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/3238/gaiainspace.pnghttp://img337.imageshack.us/img337/3238/gaiainspace.png

Hope I don’t write too late.

  1. when you look at those islands(planets), then from the camera view, they basicaly have the same shape. I would try to change the width, height and the shrapnes of each island so everyone looks little more unique.

  2. try to move the ship to the left side of the middle island(planet). Somewhere to the open space. It might make it stand out a bit more(of course if it is what you wish).

  3. I don’t know if it’s supposed to look like this, but those tower-like buildings on the west side look wierd to me. I mean the lightning makes them look so. They’re circular, but it looks like there is light shining on them from both sides. I don’t know how else I should describe it.

But I must say from what it was at first, you worked your way up :slight_smile: Looks 859,95% better :slight_smile:

Something I think could help a lot with the sense of scale is some atmospheric haze. This will help you to easily establish the depth of the scene. I seem to remember that Andrew Price did a tutorial with this information in it a while back, I think it was the mountains tutorial in the Nature Academy.

Awsome rendering