Future Gallary

Heres My Future Gallary, It shows my dark ideas of the future…



Not much at the moment but keep on coming back and you’ll see more!

Lewis Morgan

in the future, criminals breathe through their brains…

please optimize you pictures a bit more.

These are realy just 2 minute drawings that I did for a competion. So you don’t realy think about functionalty, you just think about making it look good in the shortest possable time. In that drawing, I was more concentrating on the head and face then the body and thats why it might look a bit more plain then the other drawing. The next few pictures i’ll be doing will be landscape pictures. So they’ll have more thought, effort and time spent on them.

Thanks though, now I now what I should improve on.


2 minuits? you should add more detail at least

excuse me? a competition?
i dont usually read thru the traditional forum, but now i did and i saw these 2 drawings.

huh?? what?!
no comment…

Hey I know there crap alright! So i’m just gonna delete them now ok.

Don’t erase them. You can do changes to these to make them look better. Don’t let the above comments get to you.

Hey, better DO let my comments to get you.
I don’t draw profesionally, never really learnt to draw and i can say this is like a 8 years old child’s drawing, nothing personal tho.
Man, you could use some time spent on studying drawing.
I’m not offensive, I’m just criticising the works.
my regards,

Imho it is not if your form of artwork is as good as M. C. Escher or as obscure as Donald Judd (Stainless steel and plexiglass, in six parts). Art is merely what you make it. You will have those who think of it as garbage and those who enjoy your work.

Just understand the fact, we have all chose to be some form of artists and therefore, have chose to be placed on the the chopping block. :wink:

Just respect yourself and know you are doing your best, but never think you can’t get better and always strive for better and you’ll be fine.

Look forward to seeing more work that you do.

Although they are 2 minute drawings, I must agree that they aren’t particularly skilled. However, that doesn’t mean that you should delete them. Keep them around, and keep practicing. Then you can look back on these down the road and see how far you’ve come.

I would recommend doing some drawing from observation (i.e. draw things that are actually there in front of you). And an excellent book to help you improve is “Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.

Don’t give up! I know you can improve!

That’s true. However, there is the question of skill. Did he end up with what he intended? I suspect he wishes he could have drawn these far more realistically (though I could be wrong) and thus the way they turned out was not on purpose, indicating a lack of skill and a lack of control over his tools.

But as I said above, I’m sure he can improve. It just takes study and practice.

Yes, yes yes - that’s what I wanted to say in a much more brutal way :slight_smile:

Uh huh… so you choose to be needlessly brutal in your critiques? You might want to try being matter-of-fact about it rather than brutal. Also, try to include encouragement along with it, lest you turn the person away from trying at all. They won’t get better if they don’t try.

I did these pictures about a year ago now, and i’ve moved on from doing such bad work.
I didn’t meen to be so harsh, but I really started hate to those 2 pictures. If anyone can, try to ignore them.

My artwork is much beter now but i’m not going to post any of them because i know i’ll look back and see how bad I was.

I’m a perfectionest (If thats how you spell it) so many a time i’ve looked into the past and seen what I had done and had been really disgusted.


So, basically you haven’t improved much and are afraid to admit it?

Becoming a good artist takes dedication, and assloads of practice. Without those two, you won’t get anywhere significant as far as your art is concerned.

Maybe you have improved substantially, who knows, either way, good luck to you, and LISTEN to the people that critique your work, but don’t listen to those that say “it’s shit”.

Learn to pick out what is wrong with each drawing, because living in La La Land where all of your drawings are perfect when people around you are giving you helpful advice to advance your skills further is not the way to go, trust me, I see it all the time sadly.

Keep on practicing, and be dedicated to your work. Constantly strive to improve.

Good luck.

Thanks, I really am sorry I can’t say it enough…

No need to apologize. Just keep working at it! :slight_smile: