Future Highway

so i started on this bout an hour ago…and heres what i got…i got inspired from the featured artwork…thing…and yea i cant seem toi get the lighting right…dunno why…maybe ill try a hemi?


Mmm… I’d try approximating ambient occlussion (or 3-point lightening, or both)

3-point lighting?

k well i put AAO and a hemi…and heres wat happened


The lightening has got better, I don’t think it needs 3 point lightening, but if it interests you: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartV/Three_Point_Light

Hope it’s helpful! :slight_smile:

i don’t think anyone likes it :stuck_out_tongue:

wtv…anyway heres an update


Thos looks like a good start. Is there going to be anything on the highway? futuristic vehicles? (“PLEASE!”)


lol…i wasnt planning to but since u said please ill try :stuck_out_tongue:

alright…ive made alot of progress:cool:…i dont like it as much but hey…no one here seems to like it anyway…excpet for the two people who responded:(… :stuck_out_tongue: with no further “addo”.here u go…oh and i got a problem…teres these black specs everywhere…why is that?:eek::confused:

oh and if anyones wondering im at 45000 polys


I like what I see. You should put in a futuristic cop giving someone a futuristic speeding ticket! :eyebrowlift:

once again a great idea :smiley: …man i laughed soo hard when i read ure signature thing damn that funny

alright i took ure idea and i took some “cars” that i had al;ready made…to see wht it look like and i find it looks pretty sick:


Nice image - in the scale the cars show what the highway is really about. I think that next to the highway you ought add some more futuristic things too . . . like a sign that isn’t too distracting for the future driver.

listen spartan, before you take this project any farther, this is what i suggest you to do - read the blender manual and maybe some tutorials on the following topics:

  1. Array modifier
  2. Curve Modifier used in stack with the array.
  3. Lattice deform

Then think and maybe sketch the scene that you have in mind. I am sure the project can turn out good and yes, try not to get too inspired from the ‘Civilian Monolith Encounter’. I am not saying you can’t use freeways just because someone else did, just add your own definitive touch to it.

im not sure but it seems like u think that im near completition…even tho im not even close…im still just trying to model the actual highway before i get into detail…and i dont see the point of using and array?

oh…and i fdont have the manual