future jet

latest update:

OK please give me you thoughts

even if you tear it down any input is good (no cushion)

ok i would say this is definetely missing some details. Look at reference from jets and other vehicles. They have seams, some random stuff for maintenance and so on. I would say your general form is established, but details would really improve it a lot.

Also the wings seem to have odd topology towards the tip. What you don’t want to do is make the whole thing one mesh. Just add extra meshes and let them intersect. Oh and don’t go too small on details. zoom out every now and then and make sure your detail is even visible/relevant

ok tks i will separate the wings from the rest and add more detail
the wings are pointed towards the nose it directs the wind flow towards the tail instead of away it is newer technology

ok heres an update

Looks way more interesting now. Great job

newest update