Future metropolis

From being inspired by films like Minority Report and Blade Runner, I decided to create this scene. Been working on this scene for the past few hours or so. Still tons of room for improvement and enhancement. Obviously the space near the bridge needs filling out. I’m thinking of putting slums there to show a contrast of wealth and poverty in the city. I would like to add more vehicles to the road also.

Does anyone have a good method of portraying lights in building rooms? I’ve got away with simple emission objects for the buildings that are further away, but for the closer buildings I will need a better and more realistic method.

Two suggestions, First for lighting the closer buildings add a texture like one from CGtextures.com which is a side of a building lit at night. Secondly either blur or darken the ad because it seems really out of plave right now because the building behind it is blurred and everything else is so dark. With a little more work this could look amazing.

Try and show more of the city. We don’t get a good sense of the scale because we simple aren’t seeing enough of it. We need a good sense of depth that this doesn’t convey. I think to pull it off properly you need to have at least 3 different planes to show the city. One far away and a middle range and close range. I’d say thats the minimum. It would help to have a wider image instead of how narrow this one is, but if you wanted to keep the narrow composition you should ad vertically to the city. Perhaps bridges and archways connecting various buildings or flying transports. Something that adds volume to the city and makes it more interesting. Its also very, very dark. I don’t like the billboards either. They would be fine with some tuning, but they are very distracting as they are. The one of the woman particularly because of the size and placement, not to mention that it is the brightest thing on the page. And the other one because it really is butting up against what I assume is the focal point (the flying car). I think if you adjust these things and add some buildings in the background you’ll go along way to creating a good piece. Right now its so dark that it looks like you have structure, maybe power lines or something in the foreground that can’t be seen at all. Maybe post a mesh so we can see how the form of the city is playing out. Thanks for posting and keep at it!

Thanks for the responses, guys. You’re absolutely right - it’s way too dark! I’ve added some textures to the buildings in the foreground and I’ve also reduced the intensity of the advertisement.

@Scubasteve1974 - Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely need to convey a sense of scale. I’ll play around with alpha masked pictures of skylines/mountains in the background. I’ll also add more buildings and possibly a railway of some sort!

I’ll post another render when I can.

more traffic! give it that river of light feel.

Not sure if the area in the center of the image is a little too bright or not now. I forgot to add some glare to the advert. I’m having some trouble with the vehicle layer’s alpha settings. Shouldn’t be too hard to resolve hopefully. How is the overall feel of the image now? Did you prefer it before?