Future Monorail

This is kind of a side-project I did for school: the task was come up with a vehicle of the future. It’s not really a new idea, but it looks futuristic:cool:. Rendered in Yafray (only because of time!;))

What thinks the community?

wow that looks really good. very realistic

looks very awesome and realistic. the olny thing i notice thats a little off about it is that it looks like a model (real life model). maybe it needs a background that would probably do the trick

Thanks for the comments. I agree, scale is a bit of an issue, but I wanted a studio lighting setup. So maybe small details on the model would make it look larger…?

Agreed on the detail bit.

Simple, shiny, and sweet. :slight_smile:

Looks cool, did you use the glossy highlights build of blender? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth my while updating, I want to get some good metal effects in my current project, if this is the result of the glossy highlights I may give it a try.

Perhaps you just used good textures and an external render though and not the glossy highlights build…?

Yes it also struck me as being a model about the size of a fist - I think the high angle between the sides makes it look like thin metal on a small scale, as larger, thicker metal would need a greater distance to curve around an edge. Also, because the lights are close, they reflect on those parts where the metal seems to pinch because of the high angle, giving the impression of high powered lights that are very nearby. The specular level is also likely connected to making it look like the lights are nearby and large, as the closer the light, the higher the reflection.

I think you’ve achieved studio lighting - it’s just that you’re in a studio where you’re photographing a model of a monorail. A nice model at that :wink:

goodguy20k: Thanks:).
Smoking_mirror: No custom build used; just blender 2.45. Small procedural clouds texture on the floor ;).
Dan: Wow, thanks, I didn’t think about all that stuff. I’ll definitely reread that post next time I do something like this:).

Awsome little things Blenditall, have you already shown this at your School, because i’d expect they’d be quite impressed.

BTW, i’m going to remember Dans post aswell. :wink:

Thanks, and yes I’ve already ‘handed it in’. They were impressed but by now the effect has kind of worn off (what with previously showing them Late Afternoon, Rooftops etc;)).