Future of BGE and Eevee

Looks like Tristan gives an update and submits a proposal to the BF.
here. You can follow the link in the mesage to his proposal.

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What is Eevee?

I thought the UPG or what ever is the future of it? I have seen some other engines like crytek for example, and the unity one, but these all require C++ program knowledge to get basics working, If I can’t really get focused on python, than I don’t have much chance with those.

In short, Eevee is meant to be a modern, high-quality viewport that will perform better than the current Blender viewport, and can better approximate the shaders for game engines or renderers such as Cycles. It will also be able to function as a final renderer in its own right, removing the need for a dedicated scanline renderer such as Blender Internal. Since it is GPU based (using the same render techniques as game engines) it will be very fast, rendering in seconds or fractions of a second.
You can use it as an alternative to Cycles if you prefer the speed, or use it as a preview of Cycles for when you need the extra quality of path tracing and don’t mind waiting around for it. Since the renderer is very similar to game engine renderers, it is also very useful for prototyping game assets before sending them on to engines such as Unity or Unreal.

Hmm, so blender simply exporting a scene as 3ds and importing into another engine isn’t straightforward?

Well since Internal renderer (along with its material system on which BGE depends) inevitably will be removed from Blender, adopting game engine to new material system is only way for BGE to survive, i suppose.

That would be a horrible workflow…the 3ds format is ancient and is only good for limited importing/exporting of models…besides one of the best thing about the BGE is that you do not need to do any importing/exporting.
Think of eevee as an update to the viewport rendering…beyond what we have in BGE/UPBGE…Amuch simpler way of putting it is…with the eevee viewport work bge can be comparable to UE4 or Unity…slightly better than unity IMHO…and possible better…that would be great anyway…ofc only time will tell. just go on youtube and do a search for eevee and you should get some hits as far as the quality you can expect.

I’m far more curious about the speed improvements tbh. If I wanted I could make something really nice, but it would be slow as molasses in the current game engine.

Hello everyone,

I invite the people working on Eevee and 2.8 (Campbell, Dalai, Bastien,
Clement, Mike and few other) to look at the following proposal for a merge
of Eevee into the BGE.

Don’t know what you mean by future, but i think the devs are doing some configuration on eevee so it could be compatible with BGE.

I’ve even saw a video from Yul Brinner, wich with some tricks run eevee materials on BGE.

I don’t know if you are looking for something like that.

The link BPR share has some nice info about it.

Also it does not seems reasonable to some kind of remove in the bge settings and materials (I think even BI will still be usable) and there are some talk about upbge being implemented on 2.8 or at least it features.

Hello, to clarify things: Panzergame (Tristan) has been hired this summer to adapt upbge/bge with eevee. upbge is a fork of the bge. We work on it since end of 2015 (https://upbge.org/) with a small team (team members are mentionned on the website and pgi also contributed to upbge for 2D filters).

There will be big changes on materials/textures as we’ll use eevee materials/textures.

So there won’t be backward compatibility for textures/materials. Some changes are expected too for 2D filters (minor changes) and for custom shaders (a bit more important changes).

The python API for materials and textures will be replaced.

For animations, for now, it still works as before but maybe there will be changes (we don’t really know). I think for logic, this won’t change (this will be ~the same as in upbge). There’s no change planned concerning physics.

For now, we haven’t realtime shadows working, we didn’t work on post processing effect (except tonemapping which is enabled by default in eevee). Lights are working. We still have ton of other stuffs to do and the organizations of the code is not definitive.

Panzergame made a branch ge_eevee which can be seen on upbge github, I make other tries on another branch named copyeevee on upbge github too. I’ll do a quick video then upload to give people an idea about how it is looking for now… I already did a video few days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K98Q1BFVHlM&feature=youtu.be (youle = yul brynner = ulysse). I’m uploading another: https://youtu.be/_26AcgWCz0g

Great news, indeed! Nice new vid, but it need some textures too. :slight_smile:

There is a node image texture. It is supported.

Yeah I sow some duc video about it, but what I didn’t get it, is, can we use it to render imgs, or is it just to review your model and textures for both cycle and bge, as a fast way,?

its a realtime renderer. so think “video games” and “viewport”.

Then how can one simply transfer those objects from blend files into another game engine?

You could use other formats, like G3DB / G3DJ, or FBX.

Most engines support FBX(Unity, UE4)…or DAE(Godot)

and as for the question earlier about what does this have to do with the ‘future’…anything that happens after this moment is the future…so any next version of blender will be released in the future…sorry…I can’t help myself…this is sort of a silly question…no harm intended :slight_smile:

I guess also for Crytek engine? FBX. I’d need to try that.

That’s great. Blender foundation hires a dev to update bge with great shaders (the ones used by unreal as far I understood); there’s a topic on the future of the bge, and everybody talks about Cry Engine and Unreal…

I’ll just leave this here.

I gave that half an hour, so these two are developers for the foundation? Employed or volunteers?

So I get the whole fact about this eevee is it helps give increased detail for renders, and the future game engine.