Future of Industry

I would like to show you another from my latest renders.
I created this image in July for the contest on Polish blender forum “Blenderownia”.
Render time: 21,5 h on i5 3330.

Bigger size

I promise, in my next futuristic render, I will add someone to scene. :wink:

great mood, great atmosphere, great composition.

lovely colours, fantastic shading! A really nice piece :slight_smile: -real volumetrics?

Thanks for comments. :slight_smile:

@jim trim The mist is a real volumetric, the entire scene is covered by cube with Volume Scatter Shared. The smoke that covers a tower, is a picture of clouds mixed with render. :slight_smile:

Great work, Pawel!!
Since it cost 20+ hours to render, I would suggest to use some render farm to accelerate this process, then you can have more time on creating it:p