Future of Music

This is my first work in quite a while, “Future of Music”.
Modeled and Rendered with Blender internal render, and finished on photoshop.
Comments and critics are welcome as always. I hope you like it !:smiley:


This girl was used in any other render, wasnt she.

Very very nice :slight_smile:

I’ve seen her somewhere… Nice render, but quite cluttered.

defnitly seen her before, is it a free model? or what?

Modeled and Rendered with Blender internal render
is that implying that you’re claiming credit for the model?

She was in the blender gallery, this image looks like a mix between
This Which is Here
and This Which is Here

Did you create her?
As for the render, i like everything but the background (the horizontal stripes)

oh i see, cool

She is not free model. This is the 3rd time that I post her to this site as DDD said:yes:.
Rendered on Blender internal render, and AO was used.


It does not look like she is really holding that instrument. She has a vapid expression like there is no one home inside.

reuse of models for new pieces is smart use of time - that aside, I dig it. Colors are great!