future of occupy wallstreet

Well what do you think how it will continue, since winter is also coming?

Bank of America and others retreat from the plans to charge you 5 $ or less per month for having a debit card.

The east coast was hit by a drastic snowstorm once again demonstrating how badly the US infrastructure is and leaving millions without power - and of course the republican blocked a jobs act which would have brought jobs and money into this sector. The little 0.7 % tax for rich people to pay for this job plan was obviously still too much (financially or more ideological)

The reports about a steadily increasing tuition burdon is further more putting college graduates into debt while earning stagnated or like right now even decrees.

A success of a culture / country is based on the elemental pillars such as healthcare and education and fair access to them as only a healthy and well educated workforce can push a country forward and not only on the machine trained workers.

By what I read the US is not only in the area of education but also health falling way behind quite poor countries in Europe. Infant mortality in Cuba being better than in Mississippi which now also wants to push for Personhood law amendment which probably will even make things worse than better.

The media tries to portray the 99% as the lazy people who want things for free but based on what I read about them I rather think they are simply only asking for fairness and see that the current direction of this country moves it towards a hole and not up the hill.

When Reagan campaigned he started to actually instrumentalize the religious rights as a voter group which in the past years more and more seemed to have done more damage than good as visible in Indiana where Plant Parenthood was defunded while 98% it delivers health services to low in come women and does not focus on abortions as so often criticized which also have to be payed out of pocket because by law tax money is not allowed to be used.

As it looks politics seems to have noticed that this is not just only a group of few individuals who want to demonstrate but rather a new grass roots movement pointing out the flaws in the business and political landscape here.

I am curious if they will succeed and change how things will continue.

After Reagan the political middle class seemed to have melted away. Sometimes I am not sure but it feels the occupy wall-street seems to be this particular middle class waking up realizing that their great American dream was a dream and not reality.

Ballsy move to reincarnate the thread. I wonder how long this one will last…
You’re right about all this, btw, imho.

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