Future of the web-plugin.

I got a very insteresting e-mail from the bf-commiter mailing list. Just though I could let pp not on the mailing list know about.
Some day ago a guy posted this message:

And this is the answer from Ton.

As seen, the present web plugin is almost dead, not to mention some quote from the blender3d.org site:

This is good news, it could solve almose all security problem(hack, virus, encrypt, distribution, support).

It’s good to know where this is leading, better than nothing anyway.[/quote]

This is very sad !

Riht now there is the Flash-plugin spreading through the browsers, but it is limited to simple graphic animations. Blender & Browserplugin would be an excellent alternative to it !


I remember when I first saw the Blender Web Plugin I thought - “Damn… this is it… Blender is going to be a household word, not just a household appliance.”…

Seriously… I thought for sure it was ahead of it’s time… I have always wanted to utilize the plugin but never got around to it… there really wasn’t a “start to finish” tutorial out there for beginners and not many “sample” sites to show it off…

I remember playing with the “walkthrough” sample and thinking… -"Damn… we can have virtual walk throughs right on the web… show off products, I even remember some kind of contest around the time the web plugin came out… some really great results…

I definetely think it is before it’s time and there are not enough Blender resources to get it off the ground the way it should be “announced”…

My biggest fear is Blender is/was growing too fast to keep up with all it’s potential… I mean during that time period the Game Engine, Web Plugin and Bankruptcy was happening all at once… Blender dove into the deep end of the pool before learning how to swim… If we (a team of artists, not just developers) created some breathtaking Web Plugin examples and kept the site up to show people… others would follow…

I’ll never forget showing my collegues the Blender Web Plugin and they kept asking me “how the hell is that done… and with what App?”


I’m too cheap to play with it, but it appears shockwave 3d can do a fair amount more than the game blender plugin

however, it requires a lot more scripting from what I can tell.

anyone have any input on the subject?

[hrm, I know the flash format is somewhat open, could some incredibly motivated blender dev create a shockwave 3d export? … I guess that is something to look into, though porting the physics and python to action script would be… shall we say … interesting]

If basic level output (showing 3d mesh + lighting + textures + some camera and object animation scripting) is what is wanted, what would be free and easy way to show blender produced objects and scenes in webbrowser now?

Wrml ?? If so, what plugin for browser & blender script you suggest??