Future of Warfare...

Yes, this is the Valiant from Dr Who, for those of you who watched the last two seasons.

For those of those who didn’t, the Valiant is an Airborne Aircraft Carrier. Looks like the image below (no, thats not my work).


This, for the moment, is an on and off project for me. When I get some other stuff done (namely the stuff in my signature) I might apply some more time to it. So far, I’ve just positioned the major details, getting stuff in place etc. etc. When thats done Ill start adding details, working through one feature at a time.

So without any further spiel…


Wish me luck. All comments welcome, as per usual. :smiley:

NIce, but I do think this will take some time; after all, there’s too much detail.

Very epic type of project. I would love to that in my portfolio. Keep at it!

Too much detail? Impossible!

im new with blender and found out that its not easy to make 3dD models here. man i really need your help for now, and that is if you were to help me. i am a 3d animation instructor and i need 3D models using blender only this time while i was practicing to adopt blender’s environment. can you do that favor for me mann???

So… what do you need? And wouldn’t you learn Blender faster if you did it?

(BTW to anyone that wonders where my WIP image went, it got deleted by the image host after a few moths)

Nitronic755 Can do it! :evilgrin:
do you want to do a hard copy of that or somewhat like it?

Hey, I’ve got 7 unfinished projects and Exams starting on the 18th, so right now things aren’t looking too good.