Future Racer - Wire Frame & Start of Scene on Pg. 2


Hi all. Still don’t have my comp set up at home yet, (more higher priority items to unpack before the comp), so I did some modelling at work today.


A sort of hover car/future racer. I think I will turn it into more of a racer. Seems to fit that title a little more. I have a bit of the interior done, (seat, steering wheel and console). Will render a spin AVI tonight and post it tomorrow for you all to DL.

Any crits or suggestions would be appreciated.


Looks good so far. Now just add detail.
I know that’s much easier to say than do. Why not a nice emblem and some chrome pipes for a start?

  1. pofo

looking good.

POFO likes chrome, that’s a fact :wink:

Minor update.


Added some pipes (not sure about the chrome)
Added some minor details (more to follow)
Started adding decals (more to follow)

Need to think of a scene and actually finish an image.


The chrome is all right to me, great model!


That rocks. What modeling techniques are you using, box modeling or surfaces curves?

env - Thanks a lot! Coming from someone who’s work is incredible, makes me feel better about my stuff.

ec2 - All sub-d poly’s. The fuselage started as a cube and just extruded. The cockpit glass was just a plane and extruded and the chrome exhaust pieces are just extruded 8 point circles, also with sub-d. Sub-d rocks. Nurbs are a dying entity IMO.

Thanks for all the comments guys.

More to follow.


Thanks for you quick reply. One question can you post a wire frame? If not that is cool.

Regarding Nurbs, I saw a hughe debate in CGhat about Nurbs’ importance. Many arguments from both points of view.

I really want to master box modeling as it does seem to be the preferred method. I can see where starting with Nurbs then conveting to mesh might be beneficial also.

I’m liking the use of reflection maps and cartoony textures.

You’re good, with making those hover cars.

You going to make an animation out of them?

I’ll try and get you one today.

I might just do that with this one. Will have to see. I don’t have a whole lot of anim experience. Maybe just a simple one.

Thanks for the comments. Hopefully will have this done today and I can start working on a scene.


Cool. Thanks.

are you a professional bum, or why do you have any time to spare at work? :stuck_out_tongue: jk

pretty cool ship youve got there!

can the see the model from the bak… want to see engines :wink:


Engines! HEH, yeah, ummmm…, the engines. Actually, the engine is inside the main chasis and the back is just exhaust ports. When, (and if, and I mean a big IF), I can do an animation of this, I will place a particle system at the exhaust ports for smoke, or something.

Just need to add some more decals I think and try to make a pilot. Then model the scene and render an animation.

ec2 - still working on that wireframe. My work comp doesn’t like to render this thing anymore for some reason. I think Publisher is crapping out on me. Will need to install my trusty 2.23 and see what happens.


ec2- Here is the wire frame for you. Hope you can make some sense of it. :smiley:



Started the scene. Just preliminary for now.


Things to do yet:

  1. Make a driver
  2. Add a background.
  3. Tone down the reflection image. Way too shiny right now.
  4. Add miscellaneous greeble around, (i.e. wires, terminal boxes, etc. on the gates).
  5. Brighten things up a bit.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


For some reason, this puts me in the mind of a Vorlon or Whitestar from Babylon 5…


Maybe it is just me…


aahhh a swedish ship !! LOL :smiley:

Woo! Looking nice! No suggestion that you haven´t already written!