Future Racer - Wire Frame & Start of Scene on Pg. 2

(BgDM) #1


Hi all. Still don’t have my comp set up at home yet, (more higher priority items to unpack before the comp), so I did some modelling at work today.


A sort of hover car/future racer. I think I will turn it into more of a racer. Seems to fit that title a little more. I have a bit of the interior done, (seat, steering wheel and console). Will render a spin AVI tonight and post it tomorrow for you all to DL.

Any crits or suggestions would be appreciated.


(pofo) #2

Looks good so far. Now just add detail.
I know that’s much easier to say than do. Why not a nice emblem and some chrome pipes for a start?

  1. pofo

(paradox) #3

looking good.

(YAYA) #4

POFO likes chrome, that’s a fact :wink:

(BgDM) #5

Minor update.


Added some pipes (not sure about the chrome)
Added some minor details (more to follow)
Started adding decals (more to follow)

Need to think of a scene and actually finish an image.


(EnV) #6

The chrome is all right to me, great model!


(ec2) #7

That rocks. What modeling techniques are you using, box modeling or surfaces curves?

(BgDM) #8

env - Thanks a lot! Coming from someone who’s work is incredible, makes me feel better about my stuff.

ec2 - All sub-d poly’s. The fuselage started as a cube and just extruded. The cockpit glass was just a plane and extruded and the chrome exhaust pieces are just extruded 8 point circles, also with sub-d. Sub-d rocks. Nurbs are a dying entity IMO.

Thanks for all the comments guys.

More to follow.


(ec2) #9

Thanks for you quick reply. One question can you post a wire frame? If not that is cool.

Regarding Nurbs, I saw a hughe debate in CGhat about Nurbs’ importance. Many arguments from both points of view.

I really want to master box modeling as it does seem to be the preferred method. I can see where starting with Nurbs then conveting to mesh might be beneficial also.

(Lordbenny) #10

I’m liking the use of reflection maps and cartoony textures.

You’re good, with making those hover cars.

You going to make an animation out of them?

(BgDM) #11

I’ll try and get you one today.

I might just do that with this one. Will have to see. I don’t have a whole lot of anim experience. Maybe just a simple one.

Thanks for the comments. Hopefully will have this done today and I can start working on a scene.


(ec2) #12

Cool. Thanks.

(bmax) #13

are you a professional bum, or why do you have any time to spare at work? :stuck_out_tongue: jk

pretty cool ship youve got there!

(S68) #14

can the see the model from the bak… want to see engines :wink:


(BgDM) #15

Engines! HEH, yeah, ummmm…, the engines. Actually, the engine is inside the main chasis and the back is just exhaust ports. When, (and if, and I mean a big IF), I can do an animation of this, I will place a particle system at the exhaust ports for smoke, or something.

Just need to add some more decals I think and try to make a pilot. Then model the scene and render an animation.

ec2 - still working on that wireframe. My work comp doesn’t like to render this thing anymore for some reason. I think Publisher is crapping out on me. Will need to install my trusty 2.23 and see what happens.


(BgDM) #16

ec2- Here is the wire frame for you. Hope you can make some sense of it. :smiley:



(BgDM) #17

Started the scene. Just preliminary for now.


Things to do yet:

  1. Make a driver
  2. Add a background.
  3. Tone down the reflection image. Way too shiny right now.
  4. Add miscellaneous greeble around, (i.e. wires, terminal boxes, etc. on the gates).
  5. Brighten things up a bit.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


(Cujo31) #18

For some reason, this puts me in the mind of a Vorlon or Whitestar from Babylon 5…


Maybe it is just me…


(sten) #19

aahhh a swedish ship !! LOL :smiley:

(Detritus) #20

Woo! Looking nice! No suggestion that you haven´t already written!