Future Speeder

I made a little flying sportscar.

I picture it weaving around the asteroid belt on a drug run, drivien by intersellar gansters. it is meant for just what it’s name implies…



I hope you are going to be doing a full blown anim with all of these flyers and mechs you have been making. [hint] :wink: [/hint]

I really like this one as well. The cockpit seems to be very narrow and small, IMO. Maybe make the canopy a bit wider.


its really jsut for one person to sirt in there cramped.

Its about speed, not comfort

Okee dokee!


This is one of the best overall jobs I have seen in a while. Nice work. Are those animated envmaps or just reflection mapped pics?

Kind of reminds me of the Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop (I guess what you said about asteroids and space gangsters contributed to that too)

  1. pofo

havent seen it!


thank you shibby dude

they are jsut enviroment maps!

Who knew!

Anyhoo, i like i…

thats all that counts!