Future's technologies

This is basically a try on simple, mechanical modelling. I really would like to hear some comments on the model. Keep in mind that I was definitely not going for photorealism, I just wanted to make a nice model for futher use.


I know that it’s surely not perfect, but that’s why I’m posting it, to get some feedback :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

And if you actually want to know what I made out of it, feel free to take a look at this pic: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15058940/

Nicely done.

First off, all your sharp edges need to be bevelled. Will make a worl of difference.

Then, everything is reflective. Typically hoses, bolts, etc. are not reflective, but rather flat. Try playing with the shaders to vary things up.


I like it! it would be fun to see those red ends (lazer beam blasters? :slight_smile: ) be more energetic. Perhaps dropping an emit and rendering with radiosity would give it a more dynamic feel.

You could use halos to give a glow there and maybe stick a lamp in front of it to give the appearence of it giving light.

Whoa! Sweet! I like it! Great style.

Allow me to oogle. :o

I really like it :slight_smile:

In my opinion to make it more interesting you should add nice Bumped texture to surface or just use more extruded subdivisions at surface [exactly like X-Warior or [email protected] does at their spaceships].

Nice. Now add some /////// to your dupplied cylinders Ipos size.

Too less hand modeling and too many primitives.

I don’t know why, but it reminds me Squids from The Matrix.
Something for you to catch good climate to work is “SAW” movie hehe.

nice work.
i dig the detail…and it’s kind of gasket-looking [as in car engine gaskets].
i agree with the crits so far - the red ends look a little flat [maybe make them more convex or something], and the cables sort of takes your eye away from the main structure…off-balances the pic a bit.
all that said, i still think it’s a hell of a good job just how it is…and i want to see more.

Thanks for the comments so far!

I know about the red lenses looking flat, I thought about making the transparent or something but I didn’t have the patience anymore ^^;
I’ll try to improve the shading next time, I’m planning to make another machinery model soon. With more hand modeling, too.

i really like this! it reminds me of something you would see on a tecno cd cover or on the cover of a sci-fi book, nice one

At first, it reminded me of a cross between Doctor Ock’s claws and the sentinels in the Matrix, but it is still interesting. My favorite parts are the metal cables; their texture is superb. Do you think you could go into a little detail into creating that 'plated" look? Did you create a specular map for it?

Thanks, and keep it up. Also, try to incorporate the suggestions given so far, I, for one, support them.

I’d have never been able to do that with some kind of mapping, I simply modelled my cable.
I’ve used a cylinder, extruded it and resized the new vertices, so that I got this shape:
Then, in edit mode, I duplicated this shape a few times so that I had my cable. Then I used the CurveDeform tool to bend them. And then I applied a black, reflective material. That’s all ^^

BTW, I might have to say that this one was postprocessed a bit: I made a simple render with blender, without reflections, and then I used Yafray to illuminate the whole model with a HDRI. Then I overlayed these two renders to get this final image.