[ Futurisitic Submarine ] - [ 30 Minutes ]




today is not my smc day, hahahah

nice one, fried

thanks glad you like it :slight_smile:

The Fly voted for the Fried.

Very Nice looking one Fried.

Woa The Fly ! cool your still with us :slight_smile:

BA4EVR! thanks

Fried’s model would just not work. I used to work for NUSC and can tell you it would cause way too much turbulence and be completely unstable. Siegel’s is actually very good (my vote), and PhotoColdDoug’s belongs in its own category.

let your i m a g i n a t i o n
run wild :wink:

Thanks RogerWickes :slight_smile:

But it’s cute though! Thje bubbles make the pic. And I would buy one of yours, FB, if I had a yacht and wanted a personal underwater excursion vehicle.