Futuristic Alien Combat Helmet

Note - This is a purely recreational piece. And I’m pretty much a Blender newbie.

I had initially set out to make a head for a futuristic robot, but it developed into a helmet during the modeling process. Anyway, I’ve arrived at the model below, and I’m looking for any feedback before jumping into texturing using cycles. Any tips, opinions or ideas are welcome.

If you’ve noticed other things that need work (like lighting, camera angles etc) or have tips for UV mapping/texturing in cycles, please feel free to point me in the right direction.

Note - there are some dark lines on the outside edges of the “eyes”. I found out the problem there, two meshes weren’t meeting properly and the dark interior of the helmet was visible through the gaps.

[And if I’m uploading the images wrong etc, just say so. I’m new to this blenderartists.org as well as blender]

A Welcome for you then from your fellow noob. :slight_smile:

A great 1st post.

Love the design…its got a very nice retro punk tech look…I go for that stuff.

the lights…yeah…need some love

Materials and textures…don’t worry about that stuff at first…getting a cool design is the most important…rough it in…then add details.

Good start, keep the head…as is for now.

block in a neck and torso…post that…ect ect.

again don’t go nuts with detail or mesh…and have a lot of fun.

I’d say you’ll get a better feel with for your textures with a neck and torso roughed in, perhaps some shoulders…don’t have to be great. Its also cool if you want to play with textures and cycles with just your head, but it will lack a bit of context.

Just remember that a good model will make your good textures shine out, a bad model, well, good textures won’t save a bad design or mesh.

I myself worry about textures and material goodies almost last. It can help, I think, to see how good a mesh you have to keep in simple grey for the modeling stages.

Just something to keep in mind as you go…

I think it works just fine as a robot head…or a helmet…I kinda like the robot idea more.

a great lighting tutorial…