futuristic attack helicopter

while i was making my animation i started to think, “this scene needs stuff swooping over head and shooting the living crap out of everything”

so i started to work on this!

what do you think so far? it is made to match the gray, blotchy art style of my movie.


Looks pretty good, but very, very dark. I know this is what you’re looking for, but theres a point beyond which it just ruins a render. For example, where the rotor blocks part of the canopy from view in one of your renders, it is very hard to see the outline. So tweak the lighting a bit, and we should see a dramatic improvement. Materials are ok, so are textures. Canopy material isn’t reflective enough in my opinion, The rotors are so matt you can’t see any details or contours in them. Finally, you have no tail rotor so it would spin on the spot.

Keep it up.