futuristic chopper

Hi , i have modeled this in XSI and exported to blender …Dont have much to say i am not in good mood:mad:

C&C are welcomed and wanted

looks nice, although (as you know) there is some work to be done still.
you need a cockpit and make the glass transparent

Sry, it looks a bit weird for my liking. Especially the angle of the camera to the horizon. The chopper itself is a good basic shape, keep going with it if u have the will, it has potential to be alot better.

Looks good so far. but the engines look too small to hold the helicopter in the air.

The machine gun looks a bit funny perhaps you could mount it on a rotating turret?

good work

the sky just seems rotated 90 degrees

Looks almost like a manta with tail from Unreal Turnament 3 :slight_smile:
Good idea! Work on the tail and the middle wings ,they dont really look proportional to the rest of the body. Maybe add some parts
I wont do any coments about the texturing, coz I saw your previouse work and know what you can do (so I am more than sure that you are working on it)

Nice work