Futuristic city - modelling excercise

I’m working on adjusting to modelling in Blender and trying to model a bit more complex models.
I’m really loving the ease and simplicty of extruding, beveling and ringcutting so far, allowing for complex easy shaping of whatever with relative speed. I started this model with a cylinder and then started cutting and extruding. Everything started and still is very symmetrical, but I soon found that when I place the camera at an angle things looked like city blocks…so I cut and extruded some more and some more and then looked into HDR lightning it all. It’s all very basic as you can see. I’ll aim to do a futuristic city scape of some sort if I can. If you’ve seen it think Dredd ( 2012 ).

Now…this is all one mesh and it’s getting heavy for my little work computer. I’ll have to move this home soon to be able to continue to work on it. Any and all tips or points to guides on texturing a model of this scale somewhat efficiently would be very appreciated. Things I can add etc also appreciated. I’ve got an idea for adding volumetrics but can’t atm as Blender crashes when I try to render. Viewport rendering seems to work though :slight_smile:

Update. Added a volumetric fog like thing to get some smog effect going. A city of this size is bound to have smog eh?

The buildings are pretty repetitive looking, mostly the same height and dimensions. You could adjust some of those so that there are wide buildings, skinny buildings, tall buildings, short ones, etc. it might also help to model some buildings separate of that mesh. the render is looking pretty! Keep at it!

I agree with NiklasWerth. However I would want to put, that all cities are separated on districts, or you could also call it “building groups” - in one area, you will have tall buildings, mostly unique with unusual, artistic architecture (like THIS abomination), in few others, larger, you may have only blocks of flats with occasionally small services and shop buildings, spreaded on wider terytory. City topography is a very hard topic, so I would suggest focusing on one district, like a city center