Futuristic City

Hello guys, today I started a new project, i want to create a green futuristic city.
as one of my biggest projects so far.

So here is a first look, hope you like it so far, hints, especially about generating it faster in a way that it stays
unique, are always welcome :slight_smile:

Is the scale set to meters and the buildings are in the proper scale (40 m high and such?) it’s looking great so far! Keep it up, I’m pretty new in blender, but I can tell it looks awesome!

Are you using BlenderRender?

Update 1#

Great progress so far! Looks like an interesting project. I wasn’t expecting those bridges to be turned into dams. Nice.

Just as a minor realism gripe:

I wouldnt place the buildings on the dams, structurally and safety-wise thats fantastically unsound.
Additionally, the height of the dam in some places covers the lowest floor(s) of the buildings entirely, making people live in perpetual shadow, also a bad decision architecturally.
Obviously unless you want this to be a dystopian piece, which would be very clever in itself, contrasting the “green” aspect with what it costs people.

Its not a dam, just the bridge looks a bit low from this perspective

Update #2

Ah, my apologies… So, are they transport tubes? Sorry, don’t mean to obsess!

Update #3, the last one for today

Update #4

It’s a bit dark for me. You should add some color variations.

very nice…the body of water needs something to look at…the composition of the image points to that space…

Update #5 Lights

This is very nice! It’s a god-like feeling to be able to create your own little world. :cool:

WOW very nice work :smiley: