futuristic cityblock

i just wanted to go into some cyberpunk, scifi, futuristic theme and started this city block.

right now i’m still in the concept phase and trying to figure out what to do with it and where i want to end with (still, animation, game engine realt time enviroment, …)

current rendering and shading in cycles
compositing (smoke, sparks, color correction BMD Fusion)

additional models by (all found on blendswap):

i hope i find the passion to make this into a finished piece

Is any part of this going to be exposed to open sky?

I cannot tell if that is motion blur or depth of field, but if it is DOF, turn it off. It’s unrealistic to have DOF blur from such a distance. Also, no offense, but it currently looks like a background for a scene, not a scene itself. To fix this, add something that creates variation and catches your attention. It’s fairly repetitive as-is. If you want to emphasize the magnitude of the scene, you could add distance fog.

right now i dont have any plans for some natural open sky

thanks for the comments
this is right now more in the concept stage, there will be some variations added and more details added to break up the scene.

motion blur is right now there because i startet with the idea of an camera animation and used one of the frames from this camera
dof could be there but is maybe a little bit over the top

I personally wouldn’t decide whether or not to make an entire game just off of one scene. Creating a good game will require at least 100x the amount of time you put into this, so don’t base a game off of one scene. Something that would require a fraction of the effort to make, however, is a real-time interactive fly around of the scene. You can easily do this by just importing the scene into Unreal Engine 4 and rigging a drone that you can move around.

never wanted to make a game out of this, just a scene in a game engine. maybe

added some more details and much more light panels

starting now too look like something