Futuristic Clothing for Metahuman

Hey Everyone,

Been learning how to scifi clothing in blender based on concept art generated by AI.

This is what I’ve been able to throw together in my spare time:

Any hints/tips/suggestions?


Show your wireframe- topology is probably the most important thing for clothes

Well the secondary detail is pretty basic:

I mask extracted the belts from the metahuman base mesh then retopologized them with Quad Remesh, and the straps I just extruded with surface snapping and added some multi height solidify stuff.

I did try Quad Remesh on the main suit sculpt, but it wasn’t symmetrical so it didn’t feel right. I’ll just do the whole thing by hand after I feel like I’ve got enough tertiary detail in there.

You’re off to a good start. I’d look a little more at references since some of your clothes wrinkles don’t match up with how they’d form realistically, but it’s not too far off and may look perfectly fine once finished, textured, and properly shaded and lit.

Which AI did you use to get good results for the concept art? If it was one of the prompt based ones, can I ask what you used as a prompt to get an idea of what worked? (It won’t generate the same result without the seed)

I have Stable Diffusion running on my computer, but so far my attempts to get usable full body character concepts like that have not looked anywhere near that good, and probably 90% or higher are totally unusable.

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Ta :slight_smile:

I actually used www.artbreeder.com for this reference (and fifty others =P).

I originally found artbreeder for doing random faces from reference photos. Unfortunately, the character generating section doesn’t let you use unique inputs (images) like the face generating section does. Instead you can only generate characters by mixing a small list of starting images they provide which means everyones stuff all ends looking sorta the same :confused:

Because of that, I looked around at other stuff and found https://beta.dreamstudio.ai/dream

It lets you use a reference image as an input (as well as the normal prompts) so you can take stuff other people did that you like and generate unique stuff “like” it (in the loosest possible sense).

So for instance, using this ref:

I was able to generate a bunch of (very rough) random concepts like this:

None of these are good enough to use unmodified as a reference like the artbreeder stuff, but they’re much more random and unique, and it’s not that hard to take the ideas in these and draw/paint up something more useable based on them (I personally prefer doing vector based stuff in inkscape).