Futuristic computer

Hi there!
I did this project to test some hologram/laser-like effects.
it didn’t come out exactly as i wanted it to, but i’m
still quite satisfied with it :).
Post-pro and border was added in GIMP.
Please comment and crit’ if you feel like it! :wink:


I like the effect on the monitor!

Also I’m kinda thinking that in the future we won’t be using mouses like that with the buttons in front of each other. But instead probably doing some weird minority report thing.

But I really like the idea! Nice work!

oooh i want one of those

nice i love it

I think the lasers look overdone. Remove the rays and just show the projection on the table. To make it more obviouse that there are lasers maybe put in a cup of coffee or some other steaming object and show the rays only in the steam.
I like the screen effects too.

Some really old webpages are in your archive on that computer. The white material is dull and the table (or on what is the computer put) isn’t defined. I took me a while to get what I’m looking at. And get rid of the mouse, it is a touch screen…

Thanks alot for the comments!
I’m sorry about the mouse, it was
only meant as a secondary choice :o
i don’t really get what you mean to say with
“really old wepages”, i took the screenshots
three days ago.
I agree completely with you about the materials,
but as i said, it really was just a quick project.
The floor(or whatever it is :D) on the other hand,
i intended to be that way.

Anyway, thanks alot!

i thin’k it’s good and i don’t think you should be “sorry” for the mouse it’s your decision!