Futuristic crates

This is just a small mechanical modeling project that I did. Textures are made in GIMP 2.0. Here goes nothing (Bloom + AAO)


Nice crates although the scratches look a little bit too random. Are these the crates from the texturing tutorial on CGTalk about hard surfaced objects?

This is really cool…I think that it needs a harser shadow so that the surface its sitting on is a little more defined.

is there anywhere we can d/l blend files under an open license?

I don’t remember any tutorial. Could you post a link?

Ok here I found it. The crates look very similar.

I find the - what i think are light emitters - to strong you don’t see the texture whate makes it look very low detailed.

In my opinion all this lighting stuff looks much better in the picture with the wires in it.

i like the bloom, how do you turn it on? (the bloom that is) textures looks nice and crisp.

He could’ve used the compositor for the bloom.

Nice crates, now put them in a scene.

Haha when I saw this I instantly thought of that tutorial :slight_smile:

Looking good, by the way!