Futuristic dystopia scene

Been working on this a while but still have a fair bit left to do.
Nothing is set in stone and I am constantly reevaluating lightning, composition, textures and overall feel of the scene.

I’m striving for a futuristic dystopia and want the picture to tell a story with the details in it.
I’m setting the bar high on this and my goal for this project is to make a great scene in every aspect.

My workflow is somewhat chaotic and unplanned which makes me put “a little” to much time into things that have little or no impact on the final scene (lesson learned i guess :))

This is what I have so far:

I’ve already put a lot of hours into the project so here is a small montage of early renders to show the progress.

There is a little mental list of things I need to fix, redo and improve but your thought on the matter is as always appreciated.


Brilliant stuff so far, the textures and lighting are very impressive. In the latest render though, it’s hard for my eyes to immediately parse the mech from the background, perhaps due to too much similarity in hues and tonalities. Maybe reflect just a little more light into the shadow side of the mech? Something to better define its shape against the BG patterns.

I think you have to decide something about the distopical future, Are there plants? are there animals? is just that the humans are stragle to survive, becouse the machines are killing them?.. I don’t know, but to have such a perfect grass you need or a garthener, or horses or cows eating it, and if that is the case, they made a lot of… S* you know. so it will be a lot of vegetation every were, and dry vegetatión also.
Also how much time those boxes were abandon, or they are not?.
Well what I’m try to say is that in order to dicide what to do in your scene, you have to know what is hapening there. If not, you are going to be putting random staff all over.

I love the light of the second image in the right. Impresive stuff, I’m looking forward to see where this goes!

Thank for your input.
I have continued the work on the lightning to make the picture more readable.
Did some more texture work and tweaked some shaders.

Raw render

Some postwork

Very nice, low the atmosphere in the last render! :smiley:

The haze is a good solution, really pops the mech right into your lap. I wonder if it is too dense, though, masking too much of the shadow detail in the tunnel. It’s also extremely homogenous, is it possible to give it a little structure? More like fog or smoke than haze? Just some picayune thoughts, it’s a very strong image as is.

@Chipmasgue- good input on the fog/smog/mist, I will add some variation to make it less uniform.

Since last update:
I din’t really like the image so I have been playing around with camera angles and the composition. trying some new stuff.
Added a second robot.
I have kept working on the lightning and shadows.
Added a few more props to the scene and kept trying to build a story around the image.

My own thought so far is:
Move the 040 robot closer to the camera.
The puddles have no function at this angle so I might remove them.
I want more shine/harsher lights on the robots to get a better “metal” feeling to them. And also add a warm rimlight to make them stand out from the background.
I need more diverse junk around to show this is a place were people have been. empty cans, old chair, thrash-bags.
I also want to add some cloth somewhere to the image to break the hard lines, maybe a sleeping-bag, a blanket or something like that.

This is how it looks at the moment, a raw render.
Sorry about the gran it’s only rendered at 400 samples.

Initial reaction to the new image: It now has more story – the tilt makes it a POV, as if from someone hiding, and the two mechs are a hit squad. Much more ominous. I miss the haze but the mechs do stand out better even without. The puddles do add imo, though subtly, they break up the surface in an interesting way. Yes to humanity’s debris & trash, especially among the grass and weeds, but not overboard as is often done in video games.

This is going good places (that are bad places, lol), great work.

Quick update.
Moved the 04 robot closer to get a better composition.
Put up some posters
Added stuff, chair, sodacans, tincans, barrel.
tried to add a rifle to one of the robots (needs more work)
Changed the grass material a bit.
Minor adjustment to lightning
Added scribbles to the texture box.

This is just quick a render at just 350 samples to see how thing fit together.
I am going to to better render tomorrow, more samples and size and I will plan out my next move from that.

I think it could use something on the left side to more balance it out. The barrel added helped but it needs more. The left side just seems as if it doesn’t need to be there, maybe a silhouette up by the rails of someone trying to get a way?

Nice!!! this has a lot of history in to it.
If you put a rifle, you should put some holes in the walls, and some blood or something. also, the robots are to clean. some dust, or blood, or oil, some scratches. some arm missing. war is war.
Also it is starting to have to much weight in the right, you can put something on the top left. And in the ceiling you can put holes, or mold, or water marks. or something hangin, (or someone… spooky… maybe not)
Maybe also, you can put the grass to be dry, you know, yellow, or at least some.
Just throwing some ideas.

Wow I really love it! Looking forward to the final result!!

I think you should work on the poses, right now they are just standing around like they want a hug. They dont seem battleready to me.
I liked the idea of one of your early renders, where one robot was kinda creeping on the roof.
The idea of introducing a resistance group just with a little graffiti is simply great, thus i think the posters overdo it. (maybe something else on the posters? missing people that family members looked for a long time ago?) I think the symbol is to aggressive though (thinking of resistance symbols of the third reich like the iron front, white rose or edelweiss pirates)

Keep up your great work, im thrilled for the next results :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, It’s appreciated.
It’s helpful to get these things pointed out to since I become a bit to used to the way the scene looks
I don’t have any render to show you but I’ve already started to address some of the issues you mentioned.

Hey there!

After reading this thread, I noticed your robot was eerily similar to one I found on youtube. I’m not implying anything of “stealing”, I just find it an amazing coincidence.


I don’t have the rights to speak, cause I don’t know how to create that in a billion years.
But have a small tip.

I think you should use a bevel modifier. the holes in the wall in the background has too sharp edges.
When you use the bevel tool, the edge will catch some light and that is gonna look even better

Anyways. it is really looking good

There has been changes since the last update, some more obvious than others.

My biggest headache has been to balance the picture out since it was to heavy on the right.
I did some experiments with trees and hanging ivy’s but nothing looks good.
I did ad a silhouette at the end of the tunnel to make a point of interest on the left also. (I’m not to happy with the outcome yet)

I still believe I need something to frame the left side. When you look at the picture now the it looks cropped. I’m thinking about putting some kind of sign/post in the grass and see how it turns out.

-Added some variations and detail on top of the concrete. The picture needed something more organic/soft to balance the hard edges.
-I removed the weapon because it didn’t add anything to the picture, did’t fit it or make sense to me.
-I took Ibanessie’s advice and removed some posters, it was to much.
-Slightly changed the FOV on the camera.
-Some minor texture/material work (barrel, concrete roof, robots)

On my todo-list I have:
fix the silhouette so it looks good.
frame the left side with something.
Add some subtle detail inside the concrete roof, (thinking about some pipes or cables)

Any feedback, tips or thought are welcome :slight_smile:

(sorry about the quality of the render, I need some sleep so I did’t have time to render to many samples)

Dystopian future, mechs on the hunt (presumably), trashed out area with signs of human presence. Rather than a shadow, how about a body, slumped back in the same corner as the silhouette. It’s a strong enough element to add balance (?) and reinforces the story. Just a thought.

Yes! and he or she can be throwing a molotov cocktail! hehe the fire form the cocktail can be a nice light to work with.

Well, I meant a dead body, but I tend to be too subtle sometimes :wink:

real nice wip, i like the different mood. the scene reminds me some airsoft playground…