Futuristic Fuel Refinery - 1377 faces gone BRayBaker happy


This is it at it’s current state in realtime view with only a UV map, no lighting or Vertex colors.


For a game I am making. Currently 2449 faces, textures will all fit on a 1024x1024 map… maybe 2048x2048. Game is RTS, so this is just a battlefield structure, but one of the important ones.

Will need to bake in radiosity, so all the components mix with eachother. Went a little bake crazy perhaps with macounos BRayBaker script.

Pretty sweet so far, can’t wait to see more

can you give us a few more angles?



another angle


baked details…
to set this up, I had to extrude inwards, to give the “ledges” on the outside of the pipes. That way, the illusiuon of depth is preserved, bypassing the need for sillohuettes.

With object space normal mapping (which Macounos script can do also) these details could really stick out, and look convincingly 3d, at the cost of only 2 triangles each.

Hey that’s nice. I would ask only that you include as many details about the process of making this as you can. I might be using this script if I start doing a mod I’m thinking of so every bit of info on how you got your details baked would be really helpful.

Honestly, there are articles around the net about “normal mapping” in particualr “tangent space normal mapping” (google it).

One of the good articles I have ran into is here:

and here, (also mentioned in above link)


The rules apply to any kind of baking… I’ll try and lay out some simple rules:

  1. Do not have non-manifold edes… each edge should have no more than 2 faces attached.

  2. When adding details, avoid 90 degree angles. Even though it looks more pleasing to the eye in “solid” mode, 90 degree angles are killer on baking any type of shading or normal maping. You want more obtuse angles.
    this has to do with both normal mapping, and in the case of ambient occlusion baking, (as I am doing here), if edges and indentations are to be represented, you will need an area that representins the change of shading. 90 degree angles simply will not show any difference. Even a 100 degree angle is better, because it allows the baker to bake in a “shadow” area. If you don’t understand, you’ll just have to trust me on this one until you do understand… :wink:

  3. When baking, remeber that the dead give away… the “flatenner”, what reveals the baked details are all an illusion, is the lack of silhouette.

Indeed, when looking at highly detailed low-poly art, note the silhouette, the outline of the object, you’ll note that even though the model looks mooth, the edges around it are jagged, and geomtrical.

If there is an important concept to know, it is silhouettes. Meditate, understand. You can bake details into faces, but the silhhouettes never lie. If you are stuck in the matrix, just rotate around a highly detailed object, and notice the lack of silhouette for the details, then the object will apear flat.

This is why you must hide silhouettes.

  1. you can extrude “outwardly”, but only slightly. To add details, extrude faces “inwardly”

Those are good tips, thanks. Sorry if I seemed lazy what I really meant was about your use of the script. Again, nice model looking forward to updates.

That’s almost 2500 faces? I would have guessed less than 400. It looks very simple.

Are those pipes (and the smokestack) dragging the facecount up so much?

It (mostly) looks simple and low-poly, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but for that look there’s no use having it consume 2500 faces worth of resources.

Yes, it needs some more optimization. The smoke stacks are low poly, but the pipes coming off the “chemical tanks” are 400 faces each, and the trusses you see are about 300 faces each.

Also, there cannot be any one sided faces, they all must be at least 3d dimensional, so the model is going to need more faces than normal.

Also I do intend to keep it around 4-5000 triangles, but 400 would be a very low poly model. There are alot of curves in there, and curves always use more polygons. For example, the ring going around is a circle with 24 edges, with an assymetric heptagon rotated around it, that is 168 polygons alone. ANd I cannot skimp too much on the bumber of faces of the circle, because the player will be getting very close.

But I am working on making the pipes coming off the chemical tanks much lower, and cutting away a bunch of the hidden trusses.


nearing 3000 tris, the seams are ugly, I have used a combination of mcounos BRayBaker, and JMS’s texturebaker, allthough this screenshot is to accentuate the seams, and probably one of the worst angles.


Redid the “control tower” and the “radio tower”, added more details.

Did a "double bake with macounos script, first baking the individual parts, because they required different clippping values, and then did a final bake that took 5 hours for a 4096x4096 texture. May still combine the textures, as the doublebaked result blurred alot of the details, so I may just use it sort of like a “shadow mask”, and layer it on top of the more clear original texture.

2578 tris… 1377 faces.

It also has two triangles that did not render or register, not sure, so Ill have to patch that up in Paint Shop, but should not be a big deal.

Next I need to make an object space normal map version, so my coder can experiment with the OGRE shaders… :smiley:

Doesn’t a texture map that size kinda counteract the memory saved on lowpoly objects?

I made a 4096, then reduced it to a 1024x1024.

Most of the textures, I rendered a 4096 or 2048 first, then reduced to 1024’s or 512’s, and pasted them all together onto one 2048 texture, then when done, reduced that to a 1024. Surprisingly, the loss in detail is not that bad.

I have read the pixel count is much more import than color depth, but I may still try reducing the final-final texture into a 256 color palette. (still needs colors)

here is the current 1024 texture:


Looks nice. You have any screen shots of the game its going to be in?



As you can see it is in very early stages of developement, in the background is the old fuel refinery model I was using.

Marked “Base 1”, is another model that I intend to go BRayBake happy on… :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is the first screenshot ever posted on the internet…

Looks very promising, for a early stage development. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

I dare say it is complete, posted in finished works.




Nice work man. Oh btw this is off-topic but I was wondering if you downloaded any of the orange builds? I think I saw a tangent button in the mapping functions. Just an FYI.

no I am still in 2.37a, because this script does not seem to bake well between layers in 2.40 (it moves the meshes around).