Futuristic Game: Need a few people..

Not many people might have seen me around here, basically, I’m new.
But I have been using Blender for a few months and I’m getting the hang of it.
I never really post my work, because I don’t think its that good. But I’m sure you’ll all see it when we release this game? :stuck_out_tongue:

So lets talk about the game, well it all started when I Pm’ed kpgrassie (Kevin), interested in starting a new project. Well he was happy and wanted to do this with me!
So we have been PMing each other over the last few days and have been sharing some ideas. We settled on a futuristic game as we thought people would like to play it, as theres not many futuristic games out there. So I guess thats how we came to make this thread!

Well, we don’t have much to show or say yet as we’re still working on models, features ect…
I’m drawing up a story as we speak. So here’s some information.

The Team - (So far)
kpgrassie - Modelling, scripting, prop designer
Curley (me) - Website, forum, blog designing, development and managing
kidramez - TBA
Hunter1428 - TBA

So as you can see, we still need quite a few team members.

I will update this thread whenever we have models, storylines and maybe Alpha testing!

Thanks for reading,
Jordan Curley

a sample of the script is all that’s needed to get more people involved.
a good script means you have good content. content is key. people get excited about a good story.

guys, still not quite clear what kind of game would you like to do?

May I make a counteroffer? Please, chech the game in my signature. Is it what you would call futuristic?

What are you trying to do in the game? Shoot em up? Racing? Puzzle? Mystery?


Hey guys. finally joined the thread. Nice thread Jordan. anyway. It’s probably going to be a futuristic based, First Person Shooter. I’m pretty good with modeling, texturing, animating, sculpting, and particles and stuff. Scripting and compositing are things that we’ll need people for. and extra people to model and texture and sculpt which will also be helpful. Although I don’t think you’d need compositing with a game. I think that’s only for stills and movies. But yeah, once we get a story, Curley and I will probably start doing concept art to the best of our abilities (I’m not the best concept artist on paper). Then everyone can see what the idea is. In the meantime, brush up on your best skill in Blender if you wanna help us out!! :smiley:

Yeah, I’m working on the story as we speak so it should be done pretty quick!

i have an First Person Character setup and ready to go. It has movement and mouselook as well as a basic gun with recoil animation. No bullet script but an empty that spawns an object entitled bullet if you want that?

If you wanna help us with scripting and making the game engine work, or at least helping me learn a few useful techniques for pressing a key to make the camera move to zoom in. Because since camera movement in Blender 2.49 is NLA, not in Action Editor, how would i do that? so yeah if you wanna help us out, that’d be cool. we’ll post the story up soon

I would love to help out. Just bark orders my way and i’ll complete them to the best of my abilities :smiley:

Thanks for everyone’s interest :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much kidramez. But yeah like i said, im trying to make a test game with just a gun and three simple thing: pressing a key to start an action of reloading, pressing a key to zoom in, which involves moving the camera and moving the reticle out of the picture, and pressing a key to shoot, with a recoil action. im having trouble with the camera, because the simple movement actuator cant take NLA animations, (camera or full object movement). any suggestions?

have you tried adding an empty and parent it to the camera so u can animate the empty and the camera will move with it

no. but wouldnt that require NLA animation too? like cant u only use armatures for the action editor. unless theres a way to make actuators contain NLA strips… IDK

You could use IPO to animate the empty on the camera and then set up logic bricks.

[Mouse Sensor ]________[And]________________[IPO actuator ]
[set to hold right mouse button] [start 1 end (Whatever it ends at)]

Please excuse bad logic brick example :S

If you are having continueing trouble send me the .blend and i’ll see what i can do :smiley:

Oh. thank you. i will try that today. You seem to know your stuff. :smiley:

Lol Good Luck.
I havnt got round to using the NLA yet know any good tutorials?


do u mean tutorials for using NLA in general, or tutorials for implementing NLA actions in game logic

both if possible please :smiley:

Um lets see… Oh i found one thats really good. hell i havent even learned all this stuff yet. Website =


and another is


havent seen that one either XD although i just realized by skimming them that there is so much more use to NLA animation than what i thought. In fact what i was talkin about earlier with the camera scope in movement, was in the IPO window which makes sense. NLA is for compiling that stuff i guess. u’ll learn more from these sites. I dont have tutorials on implementing NLA in a game, because that wouldnt make sense. u just use the actions from the action editor or the Ipo editor. NLA is just a compilation so incorporating it in a game wouldn’t make sense. So yea check it

Wow thanks :D. Also do you want me to model any weapons/buildings/props etc. I can texture them as well if need be :slight_smile: