Futuristic Game: Need a few people..

We’ll see if whats open, because your definitely on the team for game engine basics and stuff if your interested. But honestly Idk about the other stuff because I don’t even know who will do what considering we are still workin on a story. Once we get the story, we’ll know what kinda modeling and texturing and stuff we need and we’ll see from the three of us who’s best for the job. So keep watchin this thread because I’m planning on posting the revised story once I get Curley’s O.K. that its good.

Thank you very much i will complete each task to the very best of my ability.

p.s hope you like the formality :smiley:

guys how are you coming along with the story you havent posted in awhile. have you given up on this?

No. Sorry I haven’t posted the story yet. I’ve been really sick for the past week or so. I’m almost done with the rough story. I’ll get it up ASAP though. Still recovering. I’m glad that you’re interested

ok then. I hope you feel better soon :smiley:

Get ready everyone! I have finished the story. I think it’s really good, but may need some tweeking to fit a more interactive story so that it works for a game. Jordan, I finally figured out what the Large Hadron Collider is and the Higgs Boson. I think that those two terms make this story an amazing sci-fi story. I’m very excited to introduce the story…

"The year is 2187.

In 2012, Scientists had fired their Large Hadron Collider they had been working on for several years. The project was a success, and the Higgs Boson had been found. The truth found from this particle had removed belief from religion of any sort. However, the disbanding of any religious belief angered several groups of extremists. As a result, these groups of rebels (or Outcasts) started a worldwide slaughter of all political leaders. This threw the world into chaos, and a 2-day nuclear war began. When the war had ceased, each continent was reduced to rubble. Due to this, all law and order was removed from the world and billions were killed. A set of civilians had decided to bring their own form of justice into place. They had hired people who were without homes, or shelter and gave them the task of building a barrier around the coast of England.

Other countries, which had been observing England’s antics, followed their idea. By 2053, all continents and countries had isolated themselves from the rest of the world, hence bringing about ‘‘the end of the social world’’

However, certain countries had begun to want more power. As a result, a new war had broken out, one that still lasts today.

You take the role of a 16-year-old boy, who had lived his whole life in an orphanage due to his parents being brutally slaughtered by a group of Religious Extremists, the same group who had assassinated all world leaders so many years ago. The orphanage is destroyed in the war, and you must flee from the dangerous building, which has rubble falling from everywhere.

The game starts when you slowly awake from consciousness surrounded by a destroyed but still standing orphanage home where you have been raised. The extremists attacked with a huge amount of force… too much force. Your character starts to talk to himself saying, “What happened?” You are sitting in your blown up room and a picture of your parents, falls to the ground with the inscription saying, “Son. The world may be in chaos now, but tomorrow will bring worse. Go to Nordrok. There is something below that needs to be stay in your hands. Your father and I are the few that know about this thing. Find it, keep it safe, and restore peace with it. If not, the world will be completely obliterated if it falls in the wrong hands. We know we can trust you. We love you son.”
Your character stares at this for a while and puts it in his pocket. You get up and look around and walk out to the hallways. You find a dead rescue soldier who tried to evacuate the building before the attack. You pick up his gun and ammo and try to escape the collapsing building. You look outside and see a huge environment of destroyed buildings and extremists running around trying to take control of the city. You have to sneak past them and escape for miles towards a nearby town called Nordrok (I made this town up since it’s 2187, new towns could be made). You see several squads of extremists protecting this unusual dig-site. Your character thinks that this must be what his parents were talking about. You enter the sneak around guards and you have the option to kill some of them. You enter the dig-site and go deep underground, where you find a metal detector from one of the dead extremists. You start to find something and a cut-scene begins where you start digging with one of the nearby shovels until you find cryptic inscriptions. You keep digging around the inscriptions to find a switch with a long paragraph above it, talking to you. It says, “Son, it’s us, your mother and father. We never told you but whenever we said we would be on vacation for a year at a time, we would be working on discovering the Higgs Boson particle. We have been physicists all along. Our whole lives dedicated to this. Your father and I, along with the entire team of physicists have discovered that once the Higgs Boson is discovered, the whole continent of Europe will be annihilated from the antimatter that will appear from the Higgs Boson. We did the math and found out that the next time someone fires this accelerator, the Higgs Boson will be found. You must start the last sequence before the extremists find this place. They will destroy this place and continue their reign of hell if they find this accelerator. And even though the entire world will cry out in fear as most of the Northeast hemisphere is instantly destroyed, peace will be achieved the world will realize we must work as one world to survive and rebuild. It’s up to you son. We’re sorry you must do this, but you must sacrifice everything you have, including your life, to safe the human race from self-extinction, by showing the world that humans must work together again. We love you. Good luck.” (BTW THIS WILL PROBABLY BE IN NARRATION MOSTLY)

Your character thinks about this for a second, flips the switch and starts to exit to the surface. You fight more guards and extremists until you reach the surface. You hijack a supply truck and pick up a Geiger counter from one of the dead extremist physicists. Your character says to him, “They must’ve had some idea what was down there” and you take off. You drive as fast as you can for miles, evading and killing extremists as you go until your Geiger counter starts to click like crazy and your car stalls from a pre-annihilation EMP. You look at the picture of your parents and a tear drops as you say, “I saved the world mom and dad. I’ve done it.” Your crying turns into a smile, as your character is instantly obliterated by the entire hemisphere’s implosion. The screen turns black and the final cut scene shows the leaders of the world contacting each other for the first time in 134 years. They express their fright for what just happened and they start to frantically ask questions to each other, thinking that the extremists had done this and annihilated themselves. The leaders of the world all agree that the world will be safer and can accomplish more as one, unimaginably strong world. THE END

hmm sounds good. however doesnt sound like much in the way of varied gamplay maybe tweek the story and have one more place to go and explore before europe is destroyed. other than that very good story

Yeah, I’m glad its finally released as now we can start on designing, animating ect…
But I think the end comes too near to the start. Basically, you come to the dig site, go underground, come up again and its over. We could do some more missions when you are running for miles to Nordork.
Anyway, I like the story :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Jordan. Yeah I was just really anxious to send out a rough story for everyone. Like there could be different side stories to understand what has happened to humanity over the years? Missions that could reveal stuff like that?

Yeah perhaps you come across a few over small towns and villages along the way with side missions and stuff to do there

some screenshots will be nice :slight_smile:

unfortunatly there arent any as we have only a rough story at the moment. screens up soon hopefully

kidramez. Just so it’s easier to talk to you about the game and stuff, and since your pretty much unofficially on our little team, we should exchange emails. Mine is [email protected] Just email me and say it’s you, and we’ll keep in touch easier

And at least your first name :slight_smile:

Good story, but still too short :smiley: (My game has NO story :o)

thanks shingwantin. Yeah we were just goin for a rough story right now. Gotta work on making it more interactive and stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Like having different side missions to do to learn about a side story. Almost like the audio files in Halo:ODST, except nowhere near that complex, if you know what that game is

I’m just wondering, do you have anyone on game logic? Modeling? And is this your first game project?


Modeling we should be alright with.Game logic, I’m starting to learn more and more about and I’d say I’m borderline amateur. But that is probably our weakER point. The guy named kidramez in the above comments could help us out with that our whatever else he wants to. But yeah. We’ll have to see what kind of game logic feats we will need to accomplish

This is my first large game project, as I have made small game tests to learn more about the game engine for this project and just for fun