Futuristic Generator

Here is a new project i began working on, started out as a sci - fi Column. Sorry about the lighting,

I liked the idea but it was to simple. Not very challenging, so i did some sketching and wanted to do something alittle more complex. so i came up with kind of a futuristic Generator.

Power core

Some of the Base and turbines i did, wanted to get them half decent before heading off to bed.
I’ll keep it updated as i progress.

Working more on the base and adding a hydraulic clamp to hold in the main part.

Here is the clamp, i still have to add the hydraulic

looks cool, I like the style.

One note, do you have a bevel modifier on the base? It looks like you are beveling all the edges. Try setting the bevel modifier to angle and adusting the angle till only the sharp edges are beveled. Just a tip that might come in handy.

Thank you.
No, the base has a subsurf mod on it only. I will give that idea a try though, ty.