Futuristic hallway

Well, I’m back,:smiley: I don’t know if anyone remembers me but it has been months since my last post. I have been doing some projects and I have been looking around the forum. But now I would like some help with this hallway. I want to make it a scene but I am not sure what to put in the hall. Also I would love some helpful advice about how I could make the hallway itself look better.
Thanks and I am glad to be back!


dosn’t look like a futuristic hallway, but good.

Imho - I see a lot of potential for steampunk style here, or maybe some Nikola Tesla inspired weird fiction machines etc. …

Just a suggestion.

Looks good, I have an idea to make it more futuristic. You could make the pillars have some sort fluid inside them and maybe something floating within like an alien or clone, but thats just my idea of a futuristic setting and it looks pretty good as it is.

Pretty good, but the floor texture’s a little low-res. And the other unsurfaced textures could do with some. Apart from that, looks pretty cool and industrial. The tank idea is quite cool, if a little cliche-ed.

Good work!

There should be a terminal-like holograph projector at the end of the hallway and I think the lighting needs to be colored. Maybe a blue or greenish yellow? Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

You might want to add some steam (broken pipes?). I like the tank idea aswell. The lighting needs more contrast. At the moment it’s visually a bit uninteresting. The tanks (if you make them) might be illuminated in blue or green. I’d leave out aliens or whatever and just put in some gas bubbles: The situation looks more like the pillars might transport something, rather than display it.
Also, in industrial hallways like this one, I’d expect some kind of lamp(s) on the walls and maybe markers on the floor as to where you can go (dottet lines?). Some kind of ventilation system might fit in aswell. Also, from what the walls look like, I’d expect more of a metal floor.

I hope my babbling inspires you in a way :wink:
Keep it up!

it dosnt look very futuristic to me…

mabye you could make the floor like made out of glass or something and like floecnt light tube or something with lots of mirrors to reflect upward…

did i explain well?

Needs some neon lights and maybe a window looking out into space.

If you’re going for an industrial and used factory hall way, than add some rusty textures and broken terminals.
Maybe also an emergency exit sign or something like that.

If you dont plan on replying to a thread at all it doesn’t belong in the focused critique…

lol He’s probably busy trying to do everything you told him to do. :wink:

Questions for thought:

  1. What’s at the end of the hallway that we can see? Does it have a 90 degree turn to the right that we can’t see? If so, maybe have light coming from there (on the floor, a glow, etc.).

  2. What’s at the end of the hallway behind us? In other words, what’s the purpose of this hallway? Is it on a Klingon planet, in a mine somewhere, an orbital cargo warehouse? If you figure out what you want the setting to be, the rest can go from there.

For instance, add windows. If you’re in orbit, you might see stars, a sun, a planet in the background. If you’re in a mine, maybe a window into a larger room - a ‘supervisor hallway,’ if you will.

Blender on!

I’ve seen his other thread. This file got deleted.

:smiley: Oh, I am very sorry. Yes, my file has been deleted because I mistaked it for something else… Although I just realized it may still be in the recycle bin. I will check on that, but for the meantime this is no long being worked on. But please check out my new project called Uprooted.
Thanks everyone!