Futuristic Living Room

I’m planning on doing a futuristic living room and am currently in preproduction state…

This one should really be believable in the end, but I quite ran out of ideas and figured that I could get some help here…

It should be rather practical and not be too fancy, but I just feel like it’s too empty at the moment, and I’m still pondering about the style of everything.

Here are drawings I’ve got so far:




I’ve got something in my mind that is similar, but in some ways different to this one, but still gotta figure it out myself…


i would go for a sort of realistic style for this one.
anyway, think of everything you have in your room now, bed, desk, computer maybe, radio, magnet board, sofa’s,… try to think of them in a futuristic way and try to give it an original touch.
i’m shure you’ll get there :wink:
keep up the good work