Futuristic Low poly Hover Scooter for IOS game.

Hi, thank you for the PMs and models so far.
Im getting to much models looking the same, its desired to be creative and not to follow the sketches exactly.

Here comes an idea for a skate body where the tail controls a twin ammo revolver.

The hover has 2 revolving ammunition depots containing self-flying stakes for land marking
These depots are mounted left and right at the scorpion tail.

tried sending emails to you, but my email is blocked on your server due to

In this wonderful email world a spammer can send millions of emails but the actual owner of the email account gets blocked. 8-(

@pixwang, is this a contest or a job offer? If it is the former, then this thread belongs in another forum. If it is the latter, then I highly recommend that respondents to this thread not send completed models without some some form of agreement that explicitly includes compensation. Otherwise, you’re doing a bunch of concept work for free. That’s not what this forum is for.

As I understand it, he is offering money for these concept models (5) and then will offer money for an artist to take the chosen concept and make it into a high poly model.

I don’t particularly agree with this way of going about it. But people are participating on their own. And he is paying. There is not even a requirement that they post the ideas here.

Having said that, here is the sketch I made just for fun and sent to the OP already. I have not had time to model it. Just a fun thing really for me, if someone is willing to pay. And I am just learning Zbrush so I thought it might be fun to do.

If anyone wants to model a basic model it have at it. I do believe he said he liked it and was willing to pay for a model of it. I just have not had the time to play with it.

What I do suggest people do is take a few minutes to make a sketch and send it over, if he likes it, he’ll pay you do do the model. That is how I understand it. I don’t believe I read anything about a free for all of model submissions.

But honestly, if you doing this, it aint for the money. :wink:

Regardless, it is not a contest.

Due to the forum police, Im closing my offer to buy models.
I dont want continue a thread where Im accused of betraying.
@Richard, Im still interested seeing your model.

@pixwang, no accusation was made. I was simply asking a question based on your original post and the types of responses this thread generated. I apologize for any misunderstanding on my part, but it wasn’t particularly clear that you were buying models, plural. Richard’s response clarified things quite a bit and now I (as well as other members of this site) have a much better understanding of the process you’re using.

@Fweeb, glad I could help clarify.

I would not worry about it. I think it was just a misunderstanding.

I think you have been upfront, you told people the budget in the OP and so son.

On the model If I have time, I’ll whip something up and we can talk. My motivation however is not to make a low poly concept model. I can do those all day. For me it would be nice to have a Zbrush project that would challenge me to apply some of the things I have been learning. For the low pay there has to be an incentive. That would be it for me. :yes:

At any rate, good luck on your project.

Pixwang, don’t leap to conclusions.

I think this is an interesting experiment. You have been upfront that your budget is, well, amusing, and all those who have jumped in to design stuff are well aware of that. So there has been no untoward activity. It still qualifies as paid work since you do have an actual budget. Everything is upfront.

The fact that one cannot make a living doing work like this for peanuts is neither here nor there. If someone is willing to work for peanuts, should we deny them the opportunity? This might be the first rung on the ladder for someone to turn full time Blenderhead.

I urge you to keep at it, Pixwang.

FWIW, I don’t think Fweeb overstepped any red lines here, although perhaps a little more tact would be welcome!

Pixwang was simply gathering ideas for a concept and paying for the best ones, although this felt more like a volunteer project where we dump our ideas on the the thread, this type of business does actually happen.

this thread was so much fun :slight_smile:
i like how the ideas were flying!

Hey, i am interested in doing some work for you. I could do high and low poly. You can check out my portfolio at justindacosta3d.weebly.com

Thank you for your consideration.

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