FUTURE MOBILITY Lab, guys how do you see my work? Hope you love it.



this render is fantastic! im really digging the whole scene setup, with an assortment of different objects around. despite the low-resolution, it is a great detail to note, especially that setting up scenes with numerous objects is painfully difficult
i like to believe that the low-res is a contrast to the main object; the motorbike! simple yet elegant, the metallic materials make it really stand out to the rest of the scene, and i think it was wise to make sure that nothing in the rest of scene was too distracting. the hooks also work well, as they are technically also part of the main focus
the green look in what i assume is your final render leans into a more vintage look, which fits well with the associated motorbike! the hue is a bit harsh in my opinion, but it is up to you to how you want to present it (which i believe youve done well!)
overall, its a really masterful piece, and im looking forward to more of your work! btw, i think you forgot to texture the monitors :]

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Hi? Voratras. Thank you very much for your attention to my work, i like it​:smile:. i believe that this work might be best experience for next one and your ideas will be helpful. :smiley::smiley: I didn’t forget to texture monitor :smiley:.

It’s pleasure to read your comment, i’m reading it over and over again​:smile::smile:.

nice work !!!

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Thank you.

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