Futuristic on screen information panel


The following model is meant to be a “futuristic” on screen display:

For example, its use might appear as in the following image:

The trouble is that it does not look futuristic. I have posted the blend file:http://github.com/thangalin/flyby/tree/master/models/panel/
The file is part of the following project:http://github.com/thangalin/flyby
Any suggestions to make the information panel more 23rd century would be greatly appreciated. (Please ignore the Earth and the text; they are both unfinished.)

Specifically, suggestions for materials (or colours), and ideas for what to do with the side bars would be most helpful. The green sidebars will glow (as part of an animation).

The work is based on the following picture:http://i.imgur.com/JlMOv.png
Thank you!

The .blend file link is broken : (.

But try to make something with shiney black and gray colors with orange or red glowing edges, and a black screen with white text.

Like a shiney new iPhone or PS3 : ).

Thanks, Orcas.

The intention of the glowing edges is not to be a warning, but a soft indicator. There will be other, similar panels, with red edges to indicate a warning, and they need to be visually distinct.

Black and gray like an iPhone or PS3 might look better. Will give it a try, thank you!

Also, I have updated the link to the blend file.

Sorry to say that, but I don’t really thing your model looks ‘futuristic’.
If this is about design I’d change something. It’s about thinking what design will look like in the futur. Well, in what direction is design heading now?
To me it seems as if technical objects get sleeker / smoother / also colors (smooths contrasts) / glowing / shinier / more user friendly.

Well, your model is very aczentuated but I don’t see anything too futuristic. Look at phones in a shop. Look at the cool expensive ones and then the cheaper more old-fashioned ones. You’ll find some features I listed on the cool ones, but in the future it would need far more than that, because the cool things from today would be old.

My opinion: get some paper go to your next store and mash all the new phones computer etc together to get a most stylish version which would only be affordable in the future.

Actually, this was meant to be contructive :confused:

PS: I tought the “(surprise!)” was extremly funny^^

You are absolutely right, Some Blenderer. I have trashed the idea of a separate information panel altogether in favour of a rounded, glass-looking, holographic-style display along the top and bottom of the screen. The information panels will “extrude” themselves.