Futuristic Plane

Hello community

I am excited about the announcement of the next Blender Guru Competition. This is not my final entry but I want some feedback on my work.

I have two main models (the plane and the drone) and I am excited to see what everyone else’s creative brain has come up with.

Cool :slight_smile: Looks nice :smiley:

What are with those brown things? What is this supposed to be, How is it used and why are certain details how they are? Just remember that Andrew will most likely be thinking of these things along with what looks cool.

If the brown things are drones, they should not be that close to the plane.

There is no indication as to how big it is. By the size of the “drones” and the huge wings…I’d say very small.

I think that you need some further brainstorming to figure out where you want to go with it. Right now, I think it lacks focus. Once you have a concept, you will be able to go a lot further with it.

Please don’t take this the wrong way…I, too, am still learning that lesson. I, now, start out with pencil drawings and idea processes. It means that you might move slower. But, your ideas are more concrete and therefore easier to model, since you don’t have a bunch of ideas scrambling around for attention.

Nice job so far, the plane design actually looks like it would make for a great submarine

Hello community

I have been working on this some more. I have been fiddling with camera angles along with adding a vignette. Also some of you were wondering about the drones. The drones and planes are equipped with high tech radar so they will not collide. The airport uses the drones to carry luggage which is cheaper than having to fuel and fly a whole separate plane.

This looks like a nice concept but you still need to add scale with windows or something, also try making it like an airline commercial from the future with the plane skimming above the clouds on a sunny day, just google Boeing in flight and you’ll know what I mean.