Futuristic Planet

I need to make a futuristic planet texture for a game I am working on. The texture does not have to be incredibly detailed, the graphics will be a bit on the unrealistic side.

At the end it should something like this:


Or this:


Thanks in advance.

Both look really good. Nice Texture.
Do you use the Celestia engine as a base for your game?



I’m sure they look good, but they aren’t mine =/

I need to learn how to make something like them.

This is an older tutorial, but the overall process should still be valid.


Sorry Signus, I misunderstood your post.

Draco: I read through the tutorial. It looks useful and I can’t wait to use it, but now I need to make the texture. Is there a way to do this in PS or something?

TheWood: Sokay, it’s happened to me many times :slight_smile: .

I’m sure you could google search and find some texturing tutorials geared for planets, (like this one http://gallery.artofgregmartin.com/tuts_arts/making_a_planet.html)

But I found a link in a thread here on elysiun, that has some very nice planetary maps of our solar system.