futuristic rocket/missile launcher

hey guys i made a missile launcher. So far this is what i have, but i think its a bit confusing. The front is big end (wide end), however it looks like it should be the other way around. I have the regular render and one with some simple textures however they arnt to great looking. Im still trying to fiure out how im gonna unwrap this in uv cause all the parts are gonna look the same (i think it would look kinda cool if it had a nice normal map with some cool texture). Also, any ideas of what to do to make it look like the front is in fact the front ??

last, i realy suck at making materials so any advice would realy help (especialy on lighting, shading, and reflections)


well, normally is the back of a rocket launcher the biggest, its there the rockets ‘fire’ is going out…


Would it be possible for you to make a stick figure and position the rocket as if he were using it? This would be helpful as I would be able to see it’s principle use stance. At the moment it looks as though it’s for left handed users only? The longer I look at it, I feel as though it’s over my right shoulder, the sights are inverted and the big end is the back end.

well il explain it a bit better. The end closest to the camera in the pic is the front end. I tried to bulk out the bak. Tell me what you think about the skin as well.


Ah, yes! Much better, my only crit would be to move the rear sight further forward, as the exhaust port on the rocket would be a little too close to a soldier’s back pack if he tried to use the sights. You may also want to add some sort of shoulder pad, that rocket looks like it might be heavy.